A Few of My Favorite Things {and some new stuff}

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Do you surround yourself with things you love?

I’ve often read that we should.
Yep, that we should go through our homes and discard, give away, etc, those things that we don’t really love.

And to simplify.

I love that word. The older I get, the more I want (need) to simplify.

I went through our home a couple years ago and changed the entire decor.
Wall color, rugs, furniture, everything.
I realized I hadn’t really surrounded myself with things I loved. Or loved very much.
I had been decorating in a style that I though was “mature” and in fitting with everyone else’s home.

Um, how crazy is that?

So I changed it…..all.

I have surrounded myself with things I have found and love. Things that have special meaning.
My favorite things and my family’s favorite things.

Treasures, each and every one.

Now that I am actually “mature”, (hey, I am pushing 50 ;) ) I’m decorating in a style that is young and fun.
Go figure.

But I am and I’m glad I “grew up” and decided to let my young, fun, creative side go free!
I look around and I smile, my heart smiles and it makes me happy. 

I love that.

I’m still working on the “simplifying” part but I’ll get there.

Today I’m going to share just a few of my favorite things. (they’re all favorites so it’s hard to choose)

Old bottles.

My Favorite Things - Old Bottles - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating #oldbottlesI’m an old bottle collector. LOVE them.
Blue hued are my favorite.

Which naturally leads into my love of Blue Ball Mason Jars.

My Favorite Things - Blue Ball Mason Jars - artsychicksrule.com #coastal #bluemasonjars #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating

I collect them too. :)

My Favorite Things - Blue Mason Jars - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating #bluemasonjars

I picked up this old Seltzer bottle last year at Luckett’s Spring Market.

My Favorite Things - Seltzer Bottle - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating

This old soup tureen came from a garage sale about 19 years ago.

My Favorite Things - Soup Tureen - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating

It has matching bowls. I’ve never actually used it but it’s on display in my china cabinet. :)

This is an old family dish passed down to me.
Love the colors. One of my favorites, for sure.

My Favorite Things - Old Family Dish - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecoratingAlso displayed in my china cabinet.

I picked up this fun vase at the thrift store. It looks like it’s from the 50’s or 60’s to me.

My Favorite Things - Old Vase - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating


This is a new vase (from Micheal’s/40% off) and an old book.
I adore old books.

My Favorite Things - Old Books - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating

I also love to mix old and new items in decorating.

This old dresser was left by previous tenants in the garage of a home my mother in law used to own.
My husband and I took it home and refinished it. (over 23 years ago)
It was used in both my daughter’s and son’s rooms when they were little.
I moved it into the family room awhile back. It was oak-y and I finally decided it needed a paint job.
So I gave it one! ;)

My Favorite Things - Lamp Shade, Chalk Painted Dresser w Graphics, Blue Vase, Shutters - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating

I love the urn/vase (Hobby Lobby), the lamp shade (Target) and the “shutters” (thrift store).
The shutters are really bi-fold doors. I just love them on either side of the french doors going out to the screened porch.
Definitely a favorite!

This is (obviously) in my laundry room. :)
I love the saying and am hoping to reincorporate it somehow when we makeover the laundry room. (for the umpteenth time!)

My Favorite Things - Love This Saying - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating #laundry

And how about this super fun “Mason Jar“?

My Favorite Things - Blue Mason Jar Measuring Cups - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecorating #worldmarket

Measuring cups. How cool is this? Right?
I originally shared this on my Facebook page and on Instagram. (I do post quite a bit there that never makes it to the blog! ;) )
It’s “life in real time”. So much fun!

This would be the new stuff.
Gorgeous blue and white rug I picked up at TJ Maxx for $12.99 and the pretty box on clearance.
The other is furniture I’ve gotten recently just waiting to be transformed.
Old windows. (some are really old, wavy glass and all) Can NOT wait to get busy on them.
Lastly, some little thrift store “treasures”.
My Favorite Things - Latest Thrifting Finds - artsychicksrule.com #thrifty #homedecor #budgetdecoratingI’ll be painting the lantern, mirror frame and little ring box.

Last but certainly not least. Saving the best for last right?

My beautiful children. My daughter is officially an adult at 21 now and my son is almost 16.
Wow how the times flies. :(
But here they are when they were approximately 3 and 9.
It was Christmas morning (messy hair and all) and I snapped them just as they were going in for a sweet kiss. (prompted, I am sure ;) )
“Give Sissy a kiss for the present!” He looks thrilled.
My Favorite Things - My Kids Christmas Morning- Sweet - artsychicksrule.comBut it’s one of my favorite shots.

And home.
I love living near the water. It is most definitely one of my favorite places to be.
There’s just a feeling of peace here.
I don’t think I could live anywhere else and be this happy or content feeling. (unless it’s on or near the water…salt water, of course! ;) )
(sorry about the picture quality…I snapped these on my phone and shared this originally on Instagram)

My Favorite Things - I Love Where I Live - artsychicksrule.com #coast #coastal #water #ocean

So I know you guys were super excited to see mine and my friend’s “Bright” furniture makeover posts today, right? ;)
But it had to get postponed until next Wednesday.
I have a feeling they are going to be super fun so be sure to check back next week for it!

I do hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorites today instead.

So, tell me, what do you surround yourself with? Things you love? Things that make you smile and make you happy?
Things that hold special meaning to you?
If not, it’s time you did, right?! AND, as you can see, it can most definitely be done on a budget.

There are so many treasures out there…just waiting for you to find them!
That’s the really fun part anyway.

Happy treasure hunting!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing you wonderful fun photos. I totally agree with living with what you love. Life’s too short not to be enjoyed. And by the water is an added plus. (still on my bucket list!). I have 2 chests (2 sons/now in their 30’S) that I have repurposed 3/4 times and just love to move them about. Enjoy the fun of the hunt for your collectibles, it makes a bad day good.

    1. Oh yes, I agree totally Sylvia! Hunting and finding these things do really make a bad day good. :) And so fun that you have also changed and repurposed your sons chests!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. It has taken me 43 years, but I have finally figured out my style which is simply…my style. It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that which makes me happy. My daughter (17 yrs) thinks my office is too bright and too many patterns, however, it is my favorite room in the house. I love walking in there. I love finding things that I know I will love for my house. Love all your finds too!! Love the laundry quote :)

    1. Oh you are like me! :) I’m not sure why I waited so long? Trying to conform. ;) I can totally relate to the happy room! I am in the middle of turning my office/craft/work space (spare bedroom) into my little oasis. I might do a really feminine, girly room with teals and pinks in varying shades..trimmed out in white. Either that or super colorful and whimsical. I can’t decide!lol Soon, I hope! I need my little happy place…I spend a lot of time in here! :)
      Have a great weekend Crystal!

  3. Love your favorite things, and that is what we do when our kids get older… WE SHOP AND COLLECT THINGS. Hahaa have a fun weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing your treasures. The little things we cherish speak volumes about who we are… I’m so with you on simplifying I think it clears the way to enjoying the things that matter the most.. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Exactly Wendi! We are actually planning a move when my son graduates from high school in 2 years. Smaller home, less maintenance, less stuff, etc. More simplifying!! I REALLY need to for my sanity. ;)
      Have a great weekend!

  5. I loved the tour of your favorite items! I’ve found lots of inspiration for decor since I started blogging and I am ready to take the plunge as well. I feel like I decorate based on what others may find attractive or appropriate. Also because of my husband. I suppose a little of his opinions matter, LOL! But for the most part, I am ready to revamp my whole house. I started getting rid of items too! Things I don’t love, can’t find a use for. It’s refreshing to see things go, knowing that I can create whatever I want or gain a new thrifty find in it’s place.

    Thanks for this post. It shows that I am not crazy with wanting to start over.

  6. You can’t possibly be pushing 50?!! I had my old house exactly the way I wanted it. It was a perfect reflection of me, but when My hubby and I got married, we sold my house and I moved into his. I started out decorating very safe and gender neutral, which is not me AT ALL. I love beachy, cottagey, with a little French country mixed in. I’m working my way back there for sure. You seem to like a similar style, that’s probably why I love everything you share! :)

    1. Haha!!! I am!! Well, I turned 47 in February anyway. It’s amazing how different 46 sounds/feels compared to 47!! lol 47 is way too close to 50!!! ;) How in the world that happened so fast, I have no idea. I still think I’m 25…in my head.
      Yes, our styles are very similar (except I’m a little wild with color!! lol) But I also love the blacks/whites etc, that you use. I love so many styles I think I’m trying to incorporate a little of it all in my home lately…eclectic, for sure. No real rhyme or reason but I’m okay with that! I think my office/craft room is going to be very neutral (creams/whites) with splashes of teal and pink though! We’ll see…I change my mind from one minute to the next around here!

    1. I think you might me right Debbie!! ;) I’ve painted two of the new “treasures” so far…but still trying to decide what to do with the rest!

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