DIY Simple Autumn Wreath

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This DIY super simple wreath is easy to throw together in 10 minutes or less!

Hello friends and happy fall!

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Okay, so I am taking a break from “Throwback Thursday”  today to share this simple autumn wreath I threw together this afternoon.
I don’t typically decorate for Halloween, maybe a fun sign here or there but not too much more. I know, I know, I’m no fun!! haha
Oh well, we did more when the kids were little but not so much anymore.

So, since I am not planning to do much for Halloween, I wanted to do something that was a little less … orange… to get me all the way through to Christmas.
I am decorating my porch to last through November and Thanksgiving. So think white pumpkins, rust, ivory, and plum colors.

I have a sign I’m making to put on the porch too. I’ll be sharing that next week. I’m making it from a thrifty find (ReStore) I picked up this week. (along with two other things I can’t wait to share with  y’all)

DIY Simple Autumn Wreath

ivory twig wreath florals

I stopped by Michael’s yesterday and what they had left for fall was 50% off. I found all of this there.
There wasn’t much though.

I loved the ivory wreath and thought these colorful florals would be pretty against it.

white florals on ivory wreath

I began with these three right on the middle of the side.
(I was thinking I would do a side wreath but decided instead to hang it at the bottom)

I pulled out my hot glue gun but didn’t end up using it much. I simply stuck the stems in and most held tight. And some I stuck all the way through and bent the underside so they would stay.

rust colored swag on wreath with florals

I added the plum ones around the ivory and then wrapped this swag type below them.

I thought I’d need to glue the swag floral end of the rust-colored ones but they ended up staying in place well with the other florals tightly up next to them.

white sunflower

I mimicked the same exact pattern of placement on the top side of the first placed ivory florals.
And then I added these sunflowers I had from last year along with the leaves I bought yesterday.

I just placed the leaves in and around and then used a set of 2 leaves for each end. I did have to hot glue those because they were not on a stem.

off white leaves on ivory wreath

And that’s it!

Simple and done in about 10 minutes.

ivory wreath hanging on black door

I hung it this way but you could hang it with that to the side too.

black door white sidelights porch with fall wreath

My “hello” doormat is looking a little sad. Maybe I can repaint the “hello”? Hmmm

up close of wreath hanging on glass door

Also, here’s a tip!

This is a great way to keep your wreaths from flopping around on your door when you go in and out.
I use these small suction cups/hooks to hold them tight. They work great!
You can find them, here.

I’m looking for pillow covers that are plum/rust for my rockers and bench.

black door with autumn wreath

I’ll share the whole porch once I get it all put together.
I still love my ferns but they have faded to a “blue/green” color in some areas.
I need to get some hunter/dark green spray paint (in flat) to spray them with. They have held up great except for that but I guess that is to be expected since they do get quite a bit of sun at different times of the day.

Here’s the link to them if you are interested. Faux Ferns

Have you decorated for fall yet?? Do you decorate for fall??

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This DIY super simple wreath is easy to throw together in 10 minutes or less!

Be sure to check back next week to see the sign I make with this thrift store find…it’s gonna be a cutie. :)

Have a great weekend!



    1. I use a fishing line and hook up on a metal piece in the center of the door on the other side. (there is a hydraulic up there and so a place to hook it) :)

  1. Your new fall wreath is gorgeous, Nancy! And wow it sure pops perfectly against your beautiful black door. Well done. And I actually laughed out loud about your door mat. Just saying. You should see mine. And we have this odd way of saving old ones in what we call the garage grave yard……………we have about a dozen old ones “carpeting” the garage. I have no idea why but I can’t seem to ever throw away those old pricey buggers. Haha. You may want to start the trend there. : – D

    1. Oh haha, that is so funny!! I love it! AND … we are somewhat the same. We will put old ones at the back door, off the back steps, off the side steps, lol, trying to not have to just throw them away. Let me tell you though, as I went outside earlier today to take photos of Tuesday’s project, I decided to repaint the mat first! It turned out great!! I’ll share it in Tuesday’s post. :) Have a great weekend, Michele! xo

  2. So pretty! Can’t say that I’ve ever seen a white grapevine wreath, gives me the idea of spray painting one! The lighter colors look lovely with your dark from door. Fall is absolutely my favorite season to decorate for inside and out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes!! I really love it this color and think it goes so great with the florals I used (which just also happened to be all Micheal’s had left! ha!) I’ve had fun decorating the porch a bit more today. It actually feels like fall today..50’s 60’s. But back to 70’s 80’s after today, for a little while anyway. Have a great weekend, Vicki! xo

  3. Hi Nancy! Your wreaths are always so pretty. Michael’s had a lot of Fall floral this year. That’s where I usually get my florals. You know I have never put a wreath together?!?! I make baskets for my booth for each season but never a wreath. Maybe I will try for Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl! They were out of almost everything by the time I got there this week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that sparse. And I can’t believe you haven’t done a wreath before!! Although, as crafty as I have been my entire life, I had never done one either until I began the blog!! lol So, I get it! I think you should definitely try making a Christmas one. :) xoxo

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