Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (for all the moms in your life!)

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These creative mother’s day gift ideas are the perfect surprise for all the mothers in your life! 

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you but I am always on the lookout for mother’s day gifts for friends and family. There are all sorts of moms in our lives but not all of them are our mom. So, not all gifts are what we would necessarily give to other moms that are not our own, right? It’s nice to find or think of unique and fun gifts for them!

Sadly, I lost my mom almost 9 years ago now. She is missed more than I can say. I know many of you have lost yours as well. For those of you that still have your mom, hug her tight and tell her how much she means to you this mother’s day and every day!

I hope these creative mother’s day gift ideas will be helpful to you. I came across some really fun ideas recently while looking for gifts this year for the moms in my life. :)

Creative Mothers Day Gift Ideas (for all the moms in your life!)

paper floral bouqet

How sweet and unique is this?
Love it, find it here.

orange basket filled with crackers jam and cheeses

Sweet little basket filled with goodies for a picnic with that special someone.
Get it here.

butterflies and xoxo with cake in the middle

Oh my gosh. Y’all, this is the cutest thing ever. And so clever!
It comes in a little box and opens up to this with a tiny cake inside. Love it!!
Find it right here.

heart shaped succulent dishes with succulents inside

A succelent heart garden, yes, so sweet!
Find it here.

silver infinity heart necklace

Love this. Mother & child necklace.
Find it here.

lotion bath bomb soap inside box

Spa box? Of course!!  A little pampering is always a good idea.
Find it here.

chocolate tea and mugs inside box

Another goodies box. (I’m loving these boxes!! How fun!)
Get this one here.

natural stone beaded necklace

I’ve got pretty, natural stone bracelets, necklaces and earrings here.

shirt that says sassy since birth

Or maybe a t-shirt?? I’ve got several designs and types of t-shirts here.

fusion mineral paint pint

Paint is always a good option for the crafty mommas!
Find it all here.

How about a few DIY ideas?

bath salts in a jar

These are so fun to make and you can use any blend of essential oils you like!
Get salt scrub recipe here.

sugar scrub in a jar

Yum. Sugar scrubs are delicious too! Don’t eat it! ;)
Find the recipe here.

whipped body butter in a jar

Whipped body butter, so much easier to make than you think!
Find the recipe and details here.

Hop on over to the >>> “crafts” section of my blog for even more crafty, fun ideas for mom!

I hope these ideas will be helpful to you this year for creative Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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These creative mother's day gift ideas are the perfect surprise for all the mothers in your life!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!





  1. Hi Nancy….I hope your weekend. is going well. I just wanted to ask a small question. Have you ever worked with Ikea furniture, mostly the cupboard-like storage units for bedrooms and kitchens? I was wondering if you know a way to change their color? Brown gets very boring after awhile. Thanks, Nancy.

    Warmest Regards,

    1. Hi Laurie! No, sorry, I have not. I’m guessing those are the laminate type?? You can definitely paint laminate there is just different prepwork involved. I would lightly sand to remove some of the shine, clean with with our TSP Alternative, and then apply Ultra Grip, let sit overnight then apply the paint. A microfiber roller might be your best bet for a smooth finish. You can find all of those things in our shop here. Good luck! :) xo

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