Small Side Book Table – Take Two

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This side book table got a whole new look…again!! Take two and it’s a keeper! 

Hello friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We took it easy and didn’t do much. I’ve done quite a bit of shopping but haven’t wrapped a thing. Every day I look at my big pile and say, I’m gonna wrap today, and then never do!! haha!! I’ll get to it soon.

Remember last week or so I shared some updates?? If you missed it you can see it all here. Well, in that post I talked about how I decided to keep the little side book table. This one, Antique Book Rack Table Update. 

side book table with green paint and furniture transfer

So sweet! I loved the makeover I gave it but that was with the thought of me not keeping it. As it were, it would have been great in a Florida room, porch, sunroom, etc. But I didn’t really love it painted/decorated that way in our living room.

I decided to paint it.

side book table top painted dark blue

I thought I’d give it a fun finish with this dark blue underneath. (Seaside, gorgeous color)

Then painting a lighter color over top… (French Eggshell, also beautiful!)

light blue side of table

And I wanted to bring some of that dark blue through…

side of table brushing the light paint away to reveal the darker

So I used a wet chip brush and brushed some of the lighter blue away in the middle areas.

Sanded the edges a bit and done.

blue side book table in living room

But I didn’t love it blue. Boo!!! Too much blue.
I need it a bit more neutral.

But Ryder goes just perfectly in here! He’s just right. ;)

blue side book table in living room with white dog

Soooo, I repainted it!

Like I always say, it’s only paint, right?! Don’t love it? Repaint it!

beige side book table beside couch

This time with Cobblestone, which is a great “greige” neutral color that is not too warm. (and not too cool, it’s a great in-between warm and cool color)

side view of side book table in beige color

I sanded the edges to bring the dark through. Since I painted it the darker blue underneath, that is the color that shows up.

edge of side book table revealing blue distressed area

Which I’m actually fine with. I like the hint of blue!

top edge showing distressed edge

side book table books on shelf

Hey there Roo, love you. :)

my sweet ryder roo

He’s such a good, sweet boy.

Well, I know this little side book table was super cute how I made it over the first time. But I had no intention of keeping it so did something that wasn’t necessarily in fitting with my style/home. But even though I ended up having to paint over that, I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to keep this little antique beauty with me. It fits perfectly in here.

living room shot with couch and small side book table

And I love that I can keep some books and such on the shelf below.

So happy I hadn’t sold this one yet. It’s a keeper!

Have a wonderful week, my wonderful friends! I’ll be back on Thursday with part of my Christmas home tour. I put up FOUR trees this year. What was I thinking?? haha!! If you follow along with me over on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably saw them already as I gave a sneak peek over there.

Come on back by to see this later this week!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. I have a very similar table like this, think a touch narrower, that I’m wanting to redo for our lakehouse. It’s very dark. Was great to see one painted. I liked the blue but then in your room liked the second color better. Now I’m looking forward to redoing it. Ryder always looks gorgeous and makes me smile. I didn’t know you have a food blog. Just subscribed!

    1. Yes, I’m so glad you agree, Debra!! That other color was just not right in there. And aw, so happy Ryder brings a smile to your face.
      Yes, I do have a food blog filled with all of my favorites from over the years! I am planning to get back to adding new ones, it’s been a while but hope to soon!! You’ll be the first to know when, thank you for subscribing!! xoxo

  2. You are very creative Nancy, I’m not! I can pretty much do something if I see it first but rarely come up with an idea on my own. I have repurposed some furniture pieces that have been ok. I do enjoy your posts. Happy Holidays to you and your Family 🧑‍🎄🎄

    1. Thank you, Sheila! I believe everyone has some creativity in them, even if they don’t know it! :) So happy you like my posts. Thank you! Happy Holidays to you as well! xoxo

  3. Mine is def gonna get a similar makeover when the time comes. It is identical to yours. Did you leave the book shelf part the same color as the top? I cannot tell on you ictures, but I am wondering if I should go that way!

    1. Oh, that’s neat, Marietta! No, the bookshelf part is painted. The only part stained wood is the top section. :) xo

    1. Aw, thanks, Pamm!! I think so too!! It really was sweet in the last rendition but just not right in here. So glad you like the new look! xo

  4. If you find yourself walking by that table and thinking you should re-do it again…I’ll tell you, I don’t think it’s the table color it’s that top. Something looks out of sync with it??

    1. No, I am oh so very happy with it now, Mary! Maybe you are not liking the wood-stained top with the rest painted?? I know that is not a look everyone enjoys but I love leaving a little hint of wood if I can. :)

  5. That is a wonderful table – and it fits perfectly there. Looks great.
    And Roo always looks great – what a handsome fella he is! Give him pets from me!

    Hope you are having a happy Advent season, Nancy.

    1. Aw, thanks, Michele!! He is so handsome, I sometimes just hold his sweet face and give him all the kisses!! haha!! I will definitely give him pets for you xoxo

  6. Love the table, it looks great in your room. Love your puppy too, He could be a twin to my Pyr. Mine is named Oliver, he is, I think, bigger than your Roo. Ollie weighs in at about 140 lbs.
    Missy in Marietta, Georgia

    1. Aw, yes, our Ryder is around 70ish. 140 is a big boy! Ours is a goldie though so a bit smaller. I bet your Oliver is a handsome boy! xoxo (oh, and thank you!!)

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