IKEA Ektorp Makeover (new paint, new furniture & new decor)

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Hey Friends!

I am finally…..finally…..sharing something that has long been desired here, by me anyway! ;)


Yep, I finally got my white slip covered furniture. Can you even believe it????
If you’ve been around here any length of time, you know that was no small feat!
My husband LOVED his leather and I have to agree, it was super comfy, but it was time to go.
He finally agreed and seems pretty happy with the new stuff.

I know I am! :) And you know that ole saying don’t ya? “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” lol

Everybody is happy here. ;) hee hee

I’m also sharing our new paint, (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, I LOVE it!) other new furniture pieces and kitchen plans.

Alright, so let’s get to it!

Here’s the now empty wall as we are just opening up the boxes the Ikea Ektorp pieces came in.
It’s not a very big space. We squished our old sofa here to fit.
Never loved that.

IKEA Ektorp Makeover 1 artsychicksrule

So with that, let me preface this by telling you we went smaller.
Smaller in that I was so tired of having an over cramped, overfilled family room.
This room is such an odd shape and not really easy to arrange things because of the narrowness of it and door openings.
It’s the reason we finally went ahead and attached the TV over the fireplace.
Not my optimal place to have it but I needed room in here for furniture, etc.
You can see how it used to be in this post here….. >>> Family Room Makeover … it’s worth a looksie to see it then…and now. :)
Instead of forcing another large couch along that empty wall there, we opted for the love seat instead.

I also have to tell you, when the boxes arrived, I was a bit intimidated.

IKEA Ektorp Makeover 2 artsychicksrule
I don’t enjoy reading directions and putting things together!! ;)

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule
BUT it was an absolute breeze. Not even kidding.
Just take a look at the photo above and you will see that!

And eek, it looked so low to the ground ….and small.
But we continued on…..

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

I threw all the slip covers in the wash and then we put them on while they were still damp.
The damper the were, the easier they went on actually.

I considered adding a second love seat in this spot….

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

But it’s tight there too, so I went with a chair.
We got one ottoman and as you can see it has furniture sliders under it. ;)
It usually stays with this chair in the corner…..

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

But we want to be able to slide it about. I’m going to get the tiny sliders (that you won’t see) and glue them to the bottom permanently.

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

Ryder wanted to be in all the photos. :) Seriously, he was up under me the entire time!! haha

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

I may sell the dresser and mirror behind this chair. I have another small dresser that I’ve been wanting to turn into a “card catalog/apothecary” style cabinet for awhile now. I may do that and use it in that spot instead.

I am also looking at a new rug but we will see. :)
This is the rug we have in there now….>>> Jute Rug
And this is the rug I’m thinking about…take a look and tell me what you think…>>> Moroccan Wool Rug

Anyway, I just love it! And I adore how open and non cramped the space seems now.
If you want to take a look at how it was before (if you are new here and haven’t seen it), you can see our family room before here >>> Family Room (you won’t believe day 1 to now….the “cave” to this :) )

So, what do you think about the IKEA Ektorp makeover? Or the new paint color? Especially compared to the other I had in here?

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

I think it makes the space feel soothing and relaxed. The other color was a “happy” color for sure though.

I’m planning to build an “antique, weathered” ladder to go where the blue framed mirror is.
The mirror will come down and hopefully I can find another place for it. I love that $6 thrifty antique mirror.

You might have noticed, the little French cabinet is gone, and in it’s place is this little lovely from TJ Maxx….

Cabinet by TJ Maxx artsychicksrule

I wanted to soften this room and make it less busy (minus the curtains, of course ;) ).
I felt like there was too much going on, too many colors, etc. It was just time for a change.

I also wanted/needed to change out the large coffee table I had here.
It wouldn’t really fit will with the new ottoman.
I found this basket trunk on sale and could not pass it up! :)
You can find it here (affiliate link, disclosure here) Basket Trunk
However, I don’t think it’s on sale any longer but still not a bad deal.

IKEA Ektorp Makeover basket trunk artsychicksrule

I love extra storage and the ottoman plus this basket trunk both provide it!

I’m really very happy with the new IKEA Ektorp Makeover!!
It really brightens up this space.

IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

And the love seat looks bigger with all the cushions on, thank goodness.
I’m making two side tables for each side of the love seat. Something I’ve not been able to have before in this space.
Do you remember my tiled trays? This one and this one? (<I’m actually using the same tile as the first one I linked)
Well, that’s what I’m making.
Old picture frames -turned tiled trays attached to a bottom wood end table frame my husband and I are building.
I hope they turn out like I see them in my head!! haha
If they do, then I’ll place lamps on each side of the love seat.
Another reason for the love seat, I wanted to leave room for pretty side tables and lamps.

It feels so relaxing in this room now. I love that I feel like I can breathe….and not feel all cramped in anymore.
And best of all, it didn’t break the bank! Everything was so affordable.

Be sure to PIN this for later so you can maybe do an IKEA Ektorp Makeover too!
(I’m an enabler, what can I say??) ;)

BEST DECISION EVER!! Love this furniture!!! IKEA Ektorp Makeover artsychicksrule

Now, kitchen talk. :)

  • repaint my >> kitchen cabinets…again…to a bright white.
  • new tile back splash, here’s the current one >> Back Splash
  • new counter top >> Counter Top
  • repaint the >> kitchen island (a paler blue color)
  • new light fixtures over the island, possible one hanging over sink now, unsure.

And here is our original kitchen remodel from 1970’s to current. >> Kitchen Remodel … it’s a doozy. ;)

Here’s the tile I have chosen…for now. ;)
And the counter top color….


It’s going to really brighten up this kitchen. I’m excited!

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll be back next week with what’s been going on in my guest bath. ;)

Have a great weekend!!




  1. Looks beautiful. I love the style. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but IKEA furniture is disposable furniture. Not made to last. I can understand you wanting to change from the leather couch because of the style. Certainly, this ‘looks’ beautiful. But I hope it lasts more than a few year for you to enjoy. Beautiful decor.

    1. Thank you Cheryl!I know of quite a few people that have had them for more than a few years so hoping I have the same! :)They do seem well built!

  2. I have the Ektorp love seat and 2 chairs and LOVE them!!! Have had them for years!!! (Have the white covers too!) love that they have other colors available too! Great choice! Room looks awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Anne! :) We broke the boxes down the same day we put this room together. My best guess is around 87 x 35. It was a good sized box!

  3. Sea Salt is one of the paint colors on my list for our new home we will soon be building. I love the new furniture. Are you concerned at all about covering the return vent with the loveseat? My husband never lets me put furniture in front of the return because he says it needs to be open.

    1. OH yay, it’s a lovely color! :) We’ve always had something in front of that return, whether an entertainment center or couch. It’s just unavoidable in this odd shaped room. I know it’s not ideal but there is another vent directly on the other side in the foyer. (other side of the steps) I do also keep the furniture 3-5 inches away. I put a wood block on each side of the loveseat to keep it from going all the way back so air can still flow there. :)

  4. Hi, I have the IKEA Ektorph sofa & chair. Love It! Very easy to assemble. I have the gray slipcovers, but unfortunately they have to be dry cleaned. I’m wanting to get the white slipcovers. I think there are 2 different whites. Which one is yours? I don’t have an IKEA in my area yet, but they are building one about 70 miles from me. YEAH. The closest one to me is in Ohio. I had to order my sofa & shipping cost (coming from the Maryland warehouse) was $129.00 which I thought was very reasonable. When I decided to order the chair, I thought it would be less than the sofa. I was in for a shock. Shipping cost had just about tripled, due to IKEA changing shipping companies. Outrageous!!! I have a friend who lives n Michigan with an IKEA 10 mi from her home. She got the chair, we picked a half way destination, met for lunch and I got my chair.

    1. Oh nice, Ellen! I love it too. :) Oh yes, so much easier to assemble than I thought it would be! The white ones were really easy to wash and put on. OH my, we paid $99 shipping total for the entire set we bought. I thought that was very reasonable. I think there is only one white available now….the Vittaryd White.
      The closest IKEA to us is 3 hours but we are getting one here now. It won’t open until 2018 though! Smart to arrange it how you did!

  5. I WISH I could get that sofa, but with shedding, and sometimes dirty, bulldogs, I don’t think it would be practical. It looks lovely in your space.

    I think you should keep the rug. The color and texture looks really nice. The only thing I would possibly change is the coffee table. I could see a longer, lower wood one with chippy paint in there, or maybe even lighten the basket-type one you currently have.

    1. Oh yes, I worry a bit but so far so good! :) It seems to clean up pretty easily also.
      Thanks for the input on the rug. I do like it…still undecided.
      And so funny you mention the coffee table! I actually had another in here that was larger and lower (and had chippy white paint) but it really would be too much in this small space with the ottoman I have now. I’m a contrast loving girl, so love the dark with the light. ;) xo

  6. Lovely job, with pets and kids you will be washing those slip covers constantly. I had two white side chairs that i sadly had to dispose of because they were continually getting soiled and they reached the point of uncleanable.

    1. Thanks Leslie! :) My kids are grown so just have the pets to worry with but they don’t get on the furniture typically. So hopefully there won’t be any issues! Thankfully the slipcovers are removable and washable…or replaceable. It’s my first experience with all white so we’ll see how it goes!! ;)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Those were so much fun to make. The loveseat is comfy. I will say the leather we had was a bit more comfortable but it was also very broken in. :) The chair and ottoman is wonderful…and all of ours favorite place to sit!! lol xoxo

  7. I love it! I am a big time Ektorp fan. I have the chair and ottoman, the (now retired) rocker, and the sectional all in my office. I got each of my Ektorp pieces separately off of Craigslist…I even had a “Wanted: Ektorp” post up for a long time…I did get the ottoman new though. I think I spent a total of $650 for all of it over time. It’s very easy to stop working and climb into one of these comfy pieces. I have to disagree with the comment above that IKEA is disposable furniture. That may be true with their casegoods, but I’ve never had a problem with their upholstery pieces. It’s beautiful, transitional, and best part: washable!

    1. Good to know. Thank You ! I really like the style of the Ektorp. My friensd recently bought the sofa, It was very comfortable.

    2. Thank you Meredith! :)
      Wow, you did it the perfect way! I tried doing that but since we don’t have an IKEA close by, not many people had things for sale around here. We will have one soon though…in 2018. I can hardly wait! So happy to hear about the longevity of the furniture, it’s what I thought. :)

  8. Keep the jute rug ..it looks so natural and blends in nicely with your new style.
    I don t care for the Moroccan wooI have seen that pattern an similar ones to death!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I have seen them around a bit too. The curtains make it hard to have any other style rug that would work in here. (but I still love the curtains, so they are staying for now! :) )

  9. Nancy- you said you washed the skip covers and then put them on damp. Did you put them in the dryer at all?
    Thank You

    1. Yep, I put them in the dryer to take the wetness out but removed them when they were still damp. The ones that had dried a bit more past damp were a bit harder to get on. The more damp, the better.

  10. IKEA Ektorp huh! The reason I asked about your slipcovers on Instagram is because I have a similar chair in my living room (not IKEA) and think your slipcovers might fit. Hmmm, going to take some measurements and head over to IKEA to check it out. Your living room looks great, Nancy! Love the bright and airy feel.

  11. It looks beautiful!! Love the paint color and the new furniture. Can’t believe the change from the before. I would keep the current rug. It seems everyone has the run you are looking at and I think the current rug goes with the coastal feel of the room. Your drapes are to die for!!!

    1. Thank you Julie! :) Yes, you are right on all! I am just feeling a little change to go with the furniture. The curtains make it hard to find something that is not overwhelming. And thank you, I do love these curtains and think they make such a nice statement in the room full of neutrals! xoxo

  12. Love it all. Been wanting to buy a love seat same as yours, now I think I will, just perfect all around look and suggests comfort just from the pics. I am curious about the throw over the ottoman, is it from IKEA, just so interesting, I love script pillows and such. Thanks for any reply you have time for. So enjoy your posts. Happy Fall. Respectfully

    1. Thanks Alice! :) The throw over the ottoman is actually from Better Homes and Gardens Walmart line. It is probably the softest throw I have. Love it! The script and colors are what drew it to me too!
      Thanks also for the very kind words!! Happy Fall to you too! xoxo

    1. Thanks Sandy! :) OH yay!! One for the Moroccan!! I really want to change it up in here …I think. ;) Yes, still undecided but I really do love this Moroccan rug! xoxo

  13. Hi Nancy,
    Love the new update, curtains are so pretty and the white upholstery and sea salt paint color are a dream. Love your style.
    My daughter has the Ektorp sofa and love seat with white slipcovers too, she loves them and they wash up wonderfully.
    you said you are painting your kitchen cabinets again,did the Annie Sloan chalk paint with the Varathane
    floor finish hold up well on your cabinets? Will you use that this time and just change the color ? I want to paint my cabinets white and I know it’s a big job so I want to do it right. I would really appreciate your thoughts on the type of paint to use.

    1. Hi Sally!
      Thank you so much! :)
      I will be using another paint this time. Probably General Finishes Milk Paint. (which is not like typical milk paint actually, the name is a bit confusing) I just used it on my dining room furniture and it turned out great. I will be sharing that on the blog next month. Keep an eye out for it. It’s exactly what I’ll be using in the kitchen.
      The ASCP and Varathane held up wonderfully actually. I did notice a tad bit of yellowing though so that is the reason for the repaint. I am going all bright white this time with GF’s sealer. If going with a color other than white, I’d say use the ASCP and Varathane. It is rock solid.
      I will be updating that kitchen chalk paint post once I repaint mine. :)xoxo

    1. Hi Lynn! :)
      Thank you, we are really enjoying it. Now I can’t wait to get moving on the kitchen!
      Hope you are doing well!! xoxo

  14. OK, lots to talk about! First, while I love the Tuscan Moroccan Shag Rug you are considering for your living area, I’m personally partial to the jute rug you already have down. I like the texture and the little bit of color it provides, while still being neutral (you know how I love my neutrals). One other thing…. and I’m sure you know this, but wool rugs shed like crazy. At least every wool rug I have ever put in my house has. I have replaced every one of them… several times! And as a matter of fact, I have been keeping my eye on the very jute rug you have! Amazing how similar our tastes are! :)

    Second, I am in love with your new white slip covered furniture. I’m not sure how you talked the hubby into it, but you need to teach me how to do it, because I don’t think I could EVER convince my husband to go with white furniture…. mostly because of the dogs. And it wouldn’t matter that the covers could be washed….

    Third, the kitchen…. I love the new design! It will look fabulous and light and yet still neutral (there’s my favorite word again!). You have picked some gorgeous materials and it will come together beautifully, I am sure. I’m anxious to see it all completed!

    You never cease to impress me! xo

    1. Hey Karen! :)
      Yes, I wondered about that one shedding. I have 2 other wool rugs that I’ve been super happy with but they are the “shaggy” type. (and don’t shed at all)
      This one is shaggy and reviews did say it shed. I might not notice it with Ryder’s white hair though!! lol
      The white is a little scary but so far so good. It’s nice that they can be washed too. I love the smell of clean laundry anyway so I can see myself washing these pretty regularly for that reason alone! ;)
      I can NOT (not,not, not!!) wait to get the kitchen done! So excited to see it all. Light bright airy and updated.
      And thank you for the sweet words as always friend!!! xoxo

  15. Congrats on getting your slip covered furniture!! The new love seat looks great in your space and makes the room look so much larger. We desperately need two new sofas and I’m glad to hear that you’ve been pleased with your Ektorp. That’s one that I’m considering but we need to get to an Ikea to sit on one to make sure.

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