Happy Anniversary to Me! (and my hubby-25 years today!)

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Hey Friends!!

I wanted to pop in real quick today to honor a very special day. :)

Today, 25 years ago, I got married!
Yep, 25 years flew by in a flash. Wow, it really did.

I wrote a post on the blog here, celebrating our 22nd anniversary. You can see it here >>> “Happy 22 on the 22!
I included photos from our wedding day over in that post if you’d like to see them.

Well, I couldn’t let this day go by without celebrating by creating a little video of my sweet hubby and I…and our beautiful children.
25 years is a long time, y’all!! But it’s not.
It seems like yesterday, but it doesn’t. ha!
Funny how time does that to us.

Anyway, here are some photos of our life together.
We love to have fun and be with our family….and clearly, we love to dress up in costume! ;)
You’ll see….

I hope you enjoy it. :)


I snuck one in at the end of my son who graduated last weekend. (and the one right before was his first day of Kindergarten)
My baby.
On to that next phase of life and soon to be empty nesters!
I wonder what the future holds….adventure and more fun, I hope! :)

Have a great rest of the week friends!


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  1. Dear Nancy,

    Congratulations on your 25 year wedding anniversary! You’ve got a lovely man and unwise cute children, say! Enjoy it nice of them now on the way to 30 year wedding anniversary! Good day and doeiiii, hey!

    Greetings of Djesbeeb from the Netherlands

  2. Congrats Nancy and Wally!
    Loved the video and loved seeing that glimpse of Aunt Sybil in there. Enjoy, love, and remember to hold on to what you had then and what you have nourished throughout the years!
    Love you

    1. Thanks Vila!
      Yes, it was bittersweet putting together. Happy for the times we had, sad to see how fast time goes and missing my Mom too.
      Love you!

  3. Happy 25th Anniversary, from a fellow “Virginia Beacher.” Your video tribute was awesome, showing some great memories. Here’s to many more to follow….cheers!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! 25 years…I know life hasn’t always treated you right but you still look like a couple of kids. Welcome to the Empty Nesters Club!

  5. Happy Anniversary! It’s really amazing how you have not seemed to age at all!
    Beautiful family and fun video. thanks for sharing!

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