Happy 22 on the 22! {Yep, Years of Marriage}

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Today is my mine and my husband’s 22nd wedding anniversary!

I thought it’d be fun to relive it  a bit in celebration of 22 on the 22. ;) And in celebration to my guy, of course!


Here’s a little glimpse of what we were doing 22 years ago today, on June 22, 1991.

Well…this is what we did about a week before.  It was necessary for that whole June 22nd thing. ;)

Marriage License - Artsy Chicks Rule

And then came this ….. (and yes, my hair was dark…my natural color. Shhh, don’t tell ;) )

Wedding Day - Artsy Chicks Rule

Rings…and some silliness…..

The Rings - Artsy Chicks Rule

Cutting the cake….

Cutting the Cake - Artsy Chicks Rule

We were nice. ;) No cake in the face at our wedding. And yes, we talked about this before the “big” day.
Anyway, I think we did…it was a long time ago. The memory is fuzzy….but I’m fairly certain that was a requirement in feeding me. ;)

The Cake - Artsy Chicks Rule

Toast time……gosh we look so young!

The Toast - Artsy Chicks Rule

And some more silliness…..don’t remember what it was but we always have something silly going on. Not much has changed there in 22 years. And yes, it’s I who starts the silliness around here. Keeps em on their toes…and keeps things entertaining. :)

Cause We Are Always Silly - Artsy Chicks Rule

Ok this is not the 22nd of June but had to share.
Honeymoon in Florida…..”new” hubby at the pool.
He’s going to be MORE than thrilled I shared this…I assure you. ;)

Honeymoon - Florida - Artsy Chicks Rule

And I suppose I should do one in my super cute, very early, 90’s attire. Loving the fanny pack…..and the mouthful of whatever I was eating.
You get just one guess as to where we went…..of course, that’s all you’ll need with this photo!

Honeymoon - Disneyworld - Artsy Chicks Rule

Terrible quality pictures, but hey guys, it was way before the digital age. I think we had one of those “throw away” cameras on our honeymoon.

So there ya have it….22 years of marriage to a great guy. One who puts up with all my silliness and changing up of the house, DIY ideas, crazy ideas,  um more changing up of the house…and so on and so on and so on.


Married on Saturday,  June 22, 1991….and celebrating 22 years on Saturday, June 22, 2013.

Thanks for sharing our day with us! :)

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  1. Congratulations on 22 years. This is our anniversary date as well. We were married 48 years ago on this day. Where does the time go? Love your site.

  2. Congratulations! Not many people make it 22 years anymore but judging by the smiles in all the pictures you two have what it takes. Here’s to 22 more…and then some!

    1. Thank you Vickie! You are so right! And yes, we know how to have fun and how to have balance, plus also enjoy each other’s company still, which is important! Thanks so much for stopping by today! :)

    1. Hi Sandi! Wow, another one with an anniversary today! How fantastic! Thank you and congrats to you as well! :)

    1. Hey Christy! :) Thanks so much!! And yes, I am a true, very dark brunette! (although the gray is majorly taking over, not that anyone will ever see that!!lol)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your special day ~ what a beautiful couple. I absolutely love seeing great marriage stories….makes my heart happy! May you and your husband have MANY MANY MANY more years of marital joy!

  4. How sweet! Thanks for sharing with us! You got you a handsome hubby there! Happy anniversary :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Nancy!! Congratulations on 22 years! Your wedding pictures are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing them! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend! Wishing you many more years of beautiful memories!!

  6. Nancy, congratulations on your anniversary!! 22 years is a milestone, for sure! My husband and I just celebrated 32 this past February! And I threatened my husband with his life about that smashing cake in my face thing! Needless to say, he very politely put a small piece in my mouth! :)

    BTW, 1991 or not, you were still a beautiful bride!

    1. Hi Karen :) Thanks so much!! Congrats to you on 32. And yes, I don’t love the cake smashing, especially on a beautiful day as a wedding, but to each their own, right?! ;)

    1. Hey Tricia! Aw thanks! Yes, we had a fun time at Disneyworld (we stayed on the coast and drove over for the day) Hahah….no missing the fanny packs, for sure!! ;)

  7. Happy anniversary, you’re photos are gorgeous wishing you all the best and many more to come Lol!

  8. A belated congrats!!! The old pictures are fun (loved to 90’s). You look so young now I figured you must’ve gotten married when you were 10.

    1. Thanks so much Aimee! :) Yes, the 90’s were fun (and the 80’s too! ;) ) Thanks, yes, I WAS 10, love that!!

    1. Thanks Denyse!! You are so sweet! :) I’ve had some major health challenges in recent years so you don’t know how much I appreciate that. :) Nancy

    1. Aw thank you Paula! It is amazing..I look at the photos and wonder who those youngins are!! ;) lol

  9. Congrats! Time really does fly, doesn’t it? And you, my dear, just keep getting better looking!!


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