Decorating with Baskets (Functional & Decorative Storage Solution)

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I love baskets….and I love decorating with baskets.

I can never get enough. Which is evidenced by my home. ;)
Not only that, they offer a very funtional (and decorative) storage solution.

My friends and I are sharing how we use baskets in our homes this month.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative! - #baskets #homedecor
I’m sharing how they serve a purpose….and create decor in my home.

On a coffee table (or coffee table turned tufted ottoman ;) )

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for magazines and remotes! #baskets

I like to keep magazines to read and a few decorative items in it.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for magazines and decor! #baskets

The remotes end up there at times too.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for magazines and books! #baskets

The space under this French Cabinet was blank and needed something so I added a basket!
Which also serves to hold extra magazines (I’m a magazine hoarder…as you’ll soon see ;) )

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for extra pillows and blankets! #baskets

This pretty basket holds extra pillows and a throw.
I love throws and have them “thrown” across both couches and chair in the Family Room.
I’m always cold so can always use just one more.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for magazines! #baskets

This one, also in the Family Room beside the couch, holds a multitude of magazines. (it’s almost overflowing!)
And you see, there’s one of my couch throws there.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for misc kitchen items like appliance manuals! #baskets

When we decided to remove some of the doors from our cabinets, the ones over the refrigerator were set to go.
In place of the doors I put these two square baskets that fit perfectly.
I keep appliance and electronic manuals in them. (among some other varying paper items)
All things I don’t need access to daily but nice to have on hand in case they are needed.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for fruit on the counter! #baskets

How about a fruit basket?
We love and eat lots of it around here so I normally have this full all the time.
I love this one with the metal handles.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for shoes by the door! #baskets

And the “shoe baskets”.
I got tired of seeing all the shoes around the front door so bought these to keep on the hall tree. (which is right beside the front door)
One for my daughter and one for my son.
The only problem is, their feet have grown in the 10 years or so since I bought them.
I think we can “maybe” fit one or two pair in each now.
Still functional and pretty though.

Decorating with Baskets - Functional and Decorative Storage Solution - for front porch floral decor! #baskets

I even have a “basket” outside on the front porch.
This one hanging on my windows with pretty faux flowers inside.
I love it!
It’s such a welcoming sight. It doesn’t really serve a functional purpose except to bring delight to the viewer. ;)

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the different ways baskets can be used in and around the home.
Functionally…and still decorative and pretty.

Decorating with Baskets - Very Functional and Decorative Storage Solution!! artsychicksrule #baskets

Truth be told, besides the “shoe baskets”, most were bought because I loved them….and then found a use once here.
Not the other way around.
How about you? Do you use baskets in your home too?
I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. I love baskets too. Guests have laughed at me when I open my kitchen cupboards because almost every one of them has baskets to organize everything from spices to pasta. Looking forward to May’s challenge because I have the perfect pots!

    1. Oh I just love that Marie! :) you sound very organized!
      I’m so glad you are joining in on the May challenge too!!

  2. You’ve got great baskets, Nancy! I have a hard time finding pretty ones. But when I find one I really like, I try to grab it. They are wonderful for holding (and hiding) a multitude of things.

    You have such a wonderful touch for decorating! Your home is so beautiful! It will be fun to see what you do when you downsize. We are also considering downsizing, so I’m sure I’ll get great tips and ideas from you! xo

    1. Thanks Karen! :) Target always has great ones! Most of the ones I have came from there, Ross, TJ Maxx or Home Goods!
      They are so great at holding and hiding…you are so right! ;)
      Thank you for the sweet words. I can’t wait to start over with a blank slate…who knows what I’ll do!
      Have a great weekend!

    1. I can always find a good basket!! But just like you, I am out of room! ;) I hate that. lol
      Since I’ve been to your house several times now…you need to stop by mine sometime! :)

  3. I also love baskets. They are perfect for storage and for containing things like magazines. Some of my favorites are ones that I’ve had for years.


  4. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    I especially love the french cabinet, its absolutely beautiful, and I was wondering if you redid that yourself? And If so, could I ask what color the blue paint is coming through the words? And is the white color “old White”? I would love to see your tutorial or step process if you have one on this item. I have an old french
    ” Wash stand” with a marble top that I am attempting to redo, so any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you again. Keep up the great decorating ideas!

    1. Hi Barbara!
      Thanks so much!
      Yep, I did do that. It’s actually linked in the post (right under the photo) for anyone who wanted to check it out. It’s the highlighted text “French Cabinet”. If you click that, you will go to that post with the full tutorial.
      Hope that helps you!! :)
      Good luck, your wash stand will be great!

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