Creating a Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge)

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Hi Friends!

It’s time for our “Decorating Challenge” again and this month it’s – “Gallery Wall“.

I’m sharing the one in my study that is above my Aubusson Blue Dresser (<–see it here).
You’ve seen glimpses of it in photos but I’ve never talked about it or shared it here on the blog…..officially.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Create a Gallery Wall - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

I love gallery walls and have created a few in my home.

Before I get started talking about all of the gallery walls and ideas, let me just say how much I LOVE 3m adhesive hanging strips!
They are awesome and I used them on all of these projects.
You can find them here (affiliate link) >>> 3m Adhesive Strips

This one in my kitchen….

Kitchen Makeover - AFTER Wall Removed - #kitchen #Makeover artychicksrule

Eat, Pray, Love  (<–see it here) … so fun and whimsical.

And this one in the stairwell with black and white photos…..

Foyer - Gallery Wall - Sherwin Williams - Kaffee - SW6104 -

Thrifty Gallery Wall (<–see it here) (very thrifty, I did this one for less than $20!)

And of course this one that I’m finally sharing today.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames and Shutters -#gallerywall artsychicksrule

Those “shutters” were a set of small bi-fold doors just like these…..

Bi Fold Doors turned Shutters - #duckeggblue #chalkpaint #repurposed #artsychicksrule

Here’s a better look at them.

Family Room Makeover - After Back French Doors - #makeover #diy #roommakeover #artsychicksrule

So, exactly like these larger bi-fold doors – turned – “shutters” but smaller.
I paid $5 for the large ones and I believe I paid $3 for the small set.
They came from Habitat ReStore.

Anyway, I painted them with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint (I think, it’s been awhile now)

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames - Left Repurposed Shutter -#gallerywall artsychicksrule

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames - Right Repurposed Shutter -#gallerywall artsychicksrule

…and I also applied a bit of white with a “dry brush” for a weathered look.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Up Close Dry Brushed Shutter - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

The following are older photos I took when I had originally planned to share this wall.
Years ago now.
So you will see old rugs and paint colors on the walls. ;)

This was what color the mirror was when I bought it.
I believe I got it from HomeGoods for around $20.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Painting Mirror - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

And painted.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Painted Mirror - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

The color is Old White by Annie Sloan.

Here I was laying out the design to get an idea of how I wanted to arrange things.
I had planned more photos/frames as you can see below….but then I found the “shutters”.
As you can see from the above finished photos this is similar but not exactly what I ended up with.
BUT this is a good way to get a feel for what you are after before putting them up on the wall.

How about that rug? ;) I am a color loving girl after all. hee hee
But I did tone things down a bit since this photo. (we also refinished those worn wood floors since then too! ;) )

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames Arranging - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

I also painted these “Cut It Out” frames with the same Old White.
Since they were natural wood I painted, sanded and then applied a bit of stain where I had “distressed”.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames Staining Edges - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

That way it gives it some definition as you can see below.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames - Aging Technique - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

The two blue painted frames are both painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frames - Right Shutter #gallerywall artsychicksrule

BY THE WAY, this is the same color I just painted my Dining Room! Yay!
Well, sort of. I used half white although it doesn’t really look like it.
I can’t wait to share it with you all. (the color is SW6126 Navajo White….or “White Sand Beach” as I call it)
If you follow along on Instagram you’ve already seen a sneak peek!

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Left Shutter - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

I didn’t intend for the frames to be so similar in color to the wall color.
The wall was actually a bold yellow when I painted them. (you can see it in the reflection in one of the photos above)

But I love the neutral look of the rest of the frames against the wall. (and how they seem to “blend” but not completely)
I also wanted a bit of color so painted two of the frames with varying shades of blue.

This one is painted Aubusson Blue like the dresser. (that’s my sweet daughter)

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Chalk Painted and Dry Brushed - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

You can read more about this frame and that paint crackle/white finish –>here.

And this one that is painted in Provence Chalk Paint, I think.  (that’s my sweet son and daughter..oh, and me)

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Chalk Paint and Dry Brushed - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

I did a simple “dry brush” over this one. LOVE this effect!

And this fun Monogram Art I created for the very top.
I had originally planned an updated family photo in this larger frame but I found it impossible to get my family together to do so! ;)
I wanted to do it at the beach but it never happened. Maybe one of these days!
So instead, I decided to create this….

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Cut Out Frame with Monogram Art - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

I have never blogged about this sign. I didn’t even take photos as I was making it.
I should do another and create a tutorial for y’all!
I really love this sign.
I also made one for my brother in law, sister in law and nephew.
I included their names at the bottom of theirs in the same font as “Christopher”.

Anyway, that’s another post for another day! :))

I love the varying shades of blue here. I’m a “blue” lover anyway (bet you guys can’t tell that! ;))

Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - Aubusson Blue Dresser - #gallerywall artsychicksrule

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Gallery Wall (Decorating Challenge) - #gallerywall artsychicksrule
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Next month’s challenge is decorating BOOKCASES or SHELVES.
Get ready! :))


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  1. I love the way, you decorated your home! I was born without that girly decorative gen. :-\ love your blog. Trish

  2. Looks wonderful, Nancy! And I love your family sign! (Especially the font you used for Christopher)! I would love for you to do a tutorial… :) xo

    1. Thank you Carole :)
      Dry brushing is when you use a dry paint brush, dip it ever so lightly in the paint (just touch the ends of the bristles) and then wipe away most of that. I use a paper plate to wipe away excess. You don’t want it too wet. Then lightly brush over the item you are wanting to give the dry brush look to.
      You can do light over dark or dark over light also. Pretty easy and I love the effect!

  3. I’m finally catching up on emails since returning from vacation. I really like your gallery wall Nancy, especially the monogrammed sign you made. You taught me a distressing trick today using stain for the same effect – must try this!

    1. Thank you Marie! :) I’m still playing catch up! So busy…and we are getting ready to go INTO the busy season! ;) Oh boy, hold onto your hats! lol

  4. Hi Nancy, I just came across your blog today, love what you do, lots of good ideas! I recently just started blogging so I’m new to it, lots to learn. I look forward to seeing all the the good ideas you do !

    Sandra :))

    1. Hi Sandra!
      Thank you!! :) And oh how great!! Yes, there was quite a bit to learn at the start of blogging….and it can be overwhelming at times but just enjoy the process!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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