Road Trip!….Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant}

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We love to take road trips. And do quite often!
We took one about 2 weeks ago to one of our favorite places. The Charleston area of SC.
What a great place to visit.
Great eats and great thrifts! Lots to do.
I had not planned a post about it originally so all the photos were taken with my cell phone.

Road Trip....Charleston, SC - Artsy Chicks Rule
This is the worst of the bunch! Driving down the road and snapped through the window.
THEN I cropped it up close! Bad.
Anyway, welcome to South Carolina, y’all. :)
And yes, we do say “y’all” in Virginia too! All the time……..y’all.

More on the trip and better photos here….promise……
My sister in law is a fabulous cook. I mean a really, really fabulous cook, baker, drink maker. ;)
Really she is.
This was the meal she prepared for us the night we got in. She just “threw this one together”.
It was delicious! Eating at her house is like eating at a 5 star restaurant. Always.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule

Our first stop. Seriously. Well, first stop the very first morning we were there. ;)
You must visit if you ever go to Charleston.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule

Best Doughnuts Ever

Yes, those are ours (5 of us). All of them. Even the ones in the box.
And guess what……..we got more.

Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
Fluffy, flavorful goodness.

Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
YUM….these are mine.:) Purple Goat was filled with Blueberries/Goat Cheese. Oh my.
They have an amazing menu of really unique doughnuts that changes daily.
If you really want to torture yourself just “like” their Facebook page and get their daily doughnut list…..every single day…..right on your wall. Yep. Torture.

After the doughnuts we walked down the street to check out the SEWE Festival.
And exercise off the calories from the gazillion doughnuts we ate. Wishful thinking there.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
That would be the old Citadel Building.
It was a cold and blustery day! Just like what we left back in VA! Something is just not right about that.
If I travel two states south it’s a given that it will be warmer, right? I think so.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
Pretty steeple

And the Dock Dogs….oh so very cool to watch them do their thing!
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
So fun and entertaining!! Sweet, smart pups!

Dinner for mine and my husband’s birthday ( both in Feb)…..celebrating with wonderful people!
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
We ate at a fabulous restaurant called the “Old Village Post House”.
What a great location…and a beautiful building.

Next door was this old time pharmacy…..
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
It was closed…but I’d have loved to go inside! There were booths on the right.
So cool.

Wonderful little place on Isle of Palms….
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule

Yep, more food…..breakfast at the Sea Biscuit Cafe.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
Hubby and I shared these two meals. I couldn’t decide!
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
And because they are fabulous hosts…..
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
Mmmm…they were good.

Time for a little thrifting…… of course!
Page’s Thieves Market, Mt. Pleasant

Paige's Theives Market Mt Pleasant SC

Great stuff here!! A MUST visit.

Check out this old stove….

Old Stove Paige's South Carolina

This is a big, open building and it was fa-reeeez-ing that day!!! And raining.
So we didn’t stay as long as I would have liked!

Lots of great places in the area for treasure hunting….
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
It’s kind of a given that I would do some treasure hunting, right? I did find a bit of “treasure” on this trip.
I can’t wait to share my March Thrifty Finds with you all!

Dinner on our last night there at Pawley’s.
One of their other locations was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.


Burger on a pretzel roll with sweet potato fries…

Pawley's Burger

Love the Palmetto and Crescent Moon logo.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule

And time to head home….travel companion in hand.
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
Great time to get some reading in!

Here’s a familiar sight on our many travels…
Road Trip!....Charleston, SC {Mt.Pleasant} / Artsy Chicks Rule
South of the Border

And another familiar sight….which after any trip, no matter where or how fun, is always good to see!
Road Trip....Charleston, SC - Artsy Chicks Rule

Until next time!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I had not really planned a post but did take pictures…..with my cell phone to share on Instagram!
So they are not the best.
I hope I’ve given you some ideas of places to eat at or visit next time you are in the area.

I’d love to hear about any places that you’ve been so I can try them next time!

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    1. Hey Lorraine! My sister in law and brother in law used to live in Summerville. They live in Mt. Pleasant now. It’s all such a wonderful area! You area so right…so much to do there!

  1. I love road trips, and this one looked FUN! I’ve never been to your neck of the woods or around there. I feel like I have been missing out. And those donuts! Yum. Did you pick up anything in your thrift store shopping?
    I have a kindle and love it. SO convenient to have. I can’t read in the car though, I wish I could but I get carsick when I do. SOmetimes I forget and start and then I remember why i don’t. HA! Have a great weekend. Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon :) Yes, the doughnuts are really great! Not something I could (or should!) eat every day though. ;)
      Oh you know I picked up some thrifty things!!! I am going to do a round up post of my latest finds in a couple weeks.
      I used to get car sick when reading but I don’t anymore. Who knows why?! But I’m so glad I can read to pass the time.
      Hope you are having a good weekend so far!

    1. Oh funny! Yes we must be. ;) I was just sitting down for the day.
      We are in the middle of a big project over here that I am over!!…and really wishing it was done! ha

      Thanks, it really was a fun trip. That makes our third time since June. Luckily we have family to stay with there! :)

    1. We were there about 4 days…but went in June and December too! ;) We have family there that we stay with so it makes it easy. And a great place to be able to visit! Love the area.

  2. Hey you!!! Looks like you had a blast! I must say I got super hungry looking at all of those fantastic eats!!! Holy Cow! I have never been to South Carolina but my sister and friends say it’s fantastic so one of these days we will road trip down! And I will no doubt be stopping at that donut shop! Heavenly!!! Glad you got to thrift too! Looks like those shops were loaded with cool stuff! Can’t wait to see what you snatched up!!!

    1. Hey Nicole! We did….it’s always a fun time. My husband’s brother and is wife are great hosts! :) And they know the best restaurants always…plus she is such a great cook! Always good eats. ;) You’ll definitely have to make a trip there sometime!
      And oh yes, always thrifting….that’s a given and hubby knows it! ;)

  3. Oh man Nancy, I think you and I are long lost sister. LOL! Purple goat-what an amazing idea. Eggs Bene are my fave and on fried green tomato! Yum! And thrifting-can’t wait to see what you got!

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