Luckett’s Spring Market….and a Farmhouse Sink

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I mentioned earlier this week that I’d be sharing some of my trip to Luckett’s Spring Market.

Well, today is the day!

There were so many great vendors and such great stuff. All in one place! I will surely go again next year.
And if that were not enough I got to meet some great people who I look up to and admire in the “blog world”.
They were just as fabulous, if not more so, in person as they are online. It was a fantastic day!


Old Luckett’s Store


Old Luckett's Store / Artsy Chicks Rule

Can’t you just tell by looking at it how fabulous everything inside must be?
Well, it was.
And there was lots of that fabulous-ness!
No way can you see all that’s there AND try to visit all the vendors in the tents in one day, let alone a couple hours.
Which is what I had to do since I had a hubby and teenage son tagging along. ;)
Next year I might have to venture alone so I can really look at everything.

Luckett’s is in Leesburg Virginia.

If I would have taken photos of everything it would have been much too many for this post.
Just trust me on this, LOTS of good stuff at every turn! This was definitely my kinda place. ;)

Inside Luckett’s….

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

I mean really….I love it all.

How about some old windows?? And not just any old windows either.

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Outside…lots of vendors….

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

And they all had good stuff! I know I said that already but they really did.

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

There was not a turn I could make that I didn’t see something I loved.

Yes, and of all things, I take a picture of this little car. But how cute is that?

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

I could kick myself for not taking more pictures of all the vendors and their stuff to share with you but I was so distracted by it all!
It’s surprising I got the photos I did. ;)
I also didn’t get any photos of the other bloggers I got to meet there.
Very distracted by the excitement of it all!

Next time! I Promise!

Now onto the Design House. What a fabulous idea.
They apparently set up this old house next door to Luckett’s with items for sale….and it’s so pretty!

I want it all.

Front porch looking to the right…….

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Front porch looking to the left…..

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

I love those chairs, and the buffet/hutch, and the pottery on the buffet/hutch….and well I’ll take this whole setup please.

Now stepping inside….look at that lovely bannister…

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

I know, random, but I just adore old homes. ADORE.

One of the downstairs rooms. I’m loving the cabinet with the letters.

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Another downstairs room.
Thank you (and so sorry!) to the nice pregnant lady who had just sat down for a rest on this lovely couch…. who immediately jumped up when she saw me with the camera.
I told her to stay, I would come back, but I think she thought I might take a shot with her in it! ;)

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Bathroom…I can’t remember if this was upstairs or down.

Not that it matters!

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Upstairs bedroom. Look at that headboard/footboard.


Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Same room, another view. Isn’t it all just fabulous?

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

So much to look at in every room.
And I didn’t even take a picture of it all.
Probably not even half.

Another room….look at those light fixtures, the trunk, the clock on the wall, the tins….

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Pillows….and the trunk (sorry I put my watermark right over the lovely trunk! ugh)

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Old and new. Love the charm of the old light switch (wall light buttons)

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Quite a lot of pictures but I missed SO much….in pictures and it real life.
Just no way to really see it all in such a short time.
I will definitely plan better next year! I had no idea.

So there you have it….oh! I almost forgot.
I’m sure you’d maybe be interested in what I brought home.
Nothing too exciting I assure you.
I had to save room in the trunk for a purchase we planned to make on the way home so I couldn’t go too crazy with the purchases!

But still…exciting to me none the less.

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Three small blue Ball Mason jars, one large one, a set of 3 old aluminum tins and an old seltzer bottle.
Those were my treasures found for the day….or what I could fit into my car anyway. :)
(like how I cleverly hid the painted part of my kitchen island in this shot? ….yep, it’s painted…again. I’m not quite ready to share that with you all just yet! But, if you follow me on Instagram you have already seen some of it!! ;) )

AND because it was getting late in the day on Sunday, I got a deal on every single one of my purchases.


Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

Up close on the large one.
Check out the old swirly glass and bubbles.
And the date on the front. LOVE this one!

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

I do believe the aluminum set I picked up is missing the “Tea” canister and possibly one more that I have seen in pictures called “Grease”,  of all things!
I might have liked to had the one labeled “Tea” but I think I’m okay not having the one labeled um, “Grease”. ;)

So, I ended up with “Flour, Sugar & Coffee”. I love how they match the cool cake plate I picked up a while back at the thrift store.
You can see that in this post here.

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

These will go great on my new “Baker’s ” hutch I have in the works……still waiting to be painted…. (phone shot, bad picture, sorry…but at least it’s a “before”.
No forgetting on this one!)

 Baker's Hutch/ Unpainted/ Artsy Chicks Rule

 And here is where we went when we left Luckett’s….. (don’t ask me what’s going on with that “A”….a bird maybe living above it? …but ew )

Luckett's Sprint Market / Artsy Chicks Rule

To pick up this……and thank goodness I didn’t buy more at the Market because we had to remove this from the box to get it into my trunk!
And I have a fairly large trunk.
This thing is a monster. And I love it. :)

Farmhouse Sink-Kitchen Redo/ IKEA/ Artsy Chicks Rule

It’s for our kitchen redo that is still ongoing. (Update! You can see it now —>>> here!)
All we need are the wood counter tops and I do believe we are going to look at those today!
Can’t wait to get it finished so I can share it with you all.

So all in all it was a fabulous day!
I got to see the famous Lucketts, meet some fabulous people, buy some cool vintage stuff, spend the day with my 2 favorite guys and get my farmhouse sink… finally!
Yes, a very good day indeed.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.
And if you live close to Leesburg, VA you need to visit Luckett’s!
Or at least make the trip there next year for the Spring Market.

You won’t be sorry.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend & Memorial Day! xoxo

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  1. That would be such a GREAT day to see all that! I couldn’t take my guys with me though, they wouldn’t want to stop and check out every single thing like we would. This would be a great day by yourself or with a friend who also loves this kind of thing. I love all the pictures you took and the appreciation you have for those things! My favorite space is the one where you kicked the pregnant woman off the couch (haha!) – love that room and I’m dying over that chandelier! I just bought a little side table a couple weeks that reminds me of this!
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Nancy! xoxo Sharon

    1. Yes, exactly Sharon! And I really do want to look at every single thing! ;) Yes, that was a great room, they all were really!
      So wish I had taken more pictures. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We have a busy one with family in town and a wedding…so no time for projects, darn!;)

    1. Ha yes Krista! I’ve been dreaming of one for awhile now too :) We are trying to decide the counter tops now…wood yes, but butcher block or our own creation!! I’m just ready for it to be done! ;)

  2. oh my word! this is the place for me! i was going to enter to win the lucket’s trip on home talk but had been so busy i didn’t get around to it. i need to go here someday!!! are they open year round? or just a certain time of year?
    I love the Ikea sink… i would love to replace ours with an apron front or farmhouse sink but T is set on getting a granite composite undermount sink… compromises i tell ya!
    i may still try to convince him though ;)
    i hope you have a fabulous weekend my friend!

    1. Yes, it is Kaara! Oh you should have entered! And yep, the store is open year round so you could always just make a trip anytime.
      Ah yes, compromises, I know those!! ;) I think you could probably get him to see it your way though. :) Have a great weekend Kaara! :)

  3. Wow Nancy! I LOVE the items you got, that seltzer bottle so awesome and how can you not drool over those blue jars???? I would love to spend a week there, the only thing better then spending a week there would be sleeping in that house for the week too!

    1. I know, the blue jars are so great. I have quite a collection going now but I just can’t seem to pass them up when I see them! And, lol, yes!! That would be wonderful to stay there.

    1. Oh yes Abby, very dangerous for the bank account! ;) Good thing I went in knowing I didn’t have room for stuff! lol I easily could have come home with so much more!

    1. Yes you should, definitely! It would be fun to have an even larger group of bloggers next year!! :) Yes, I love my sink….just wish it was already in! Soon, I hope (dreaming lol)

  4. Picked up a Grease a few years ago. Pale copper color with a wooden handle on the lid. I thought it was funny, but really it has a strainer inside so if you wanted to save your oil from say, French fries, you could strain out the bits and pieces and keep your oil for another time. People were thrifty! It just sits atop the cabinet now with some copperware that was my moms.

    1. Hi Erin, I’ve seen some pictures of the ones with copper lids, I like those!:) And oh, yes, but it’s just not something you’d see in today’s world so thought it was a little amusing too! ;) And truth be told, knowing me, I’d probably snatch it up if I found one anyway! ;) I love old things and the charm that comes along with them. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  5. That house is amazing! Love the floors in that sitting room with the white couch!! And I always score me blue masons when I see them. I think they are beautiful!! And that sink you want……thats what I’m trying to convince the hubby to get. Love them!!


    1. Yes, those floors were great! And yes on the blue Mason Jars…I can never pass those up! And I really don’t “need” anymore. ha! My husband wasn’t so sure when I first told him I wanted a farmhouse sink but he is all about it now! Maybe not so much when he was trying to get it into my trunk the other day though! ;) That thing is huge and heavy!!
      Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    1. Hi Karen! I know,right!? ;) It was tough….but I had 2 men “pulling me by the arm”. ;) Next year it’s a different plan for sure.

    1. It actually wasn’t too bad when we went in. Luckily I was able to get some good shots! I know me too, lol, it’s still sitting in my study floor. Hopefully for not too, too much longer. ;)

  6. Holy awesome!!! Ok I think I would pass out from all of the wonderfulness going on there! So many cool pieces and you totally scored with your finds! High five! I can’t wail to see you kitchen with that amazing sink! It is gonna rock…I can just feel it!!! Have a great weekend lady!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I can’t wait to get that monster of a sink in! ;) Yes, it was an amazing place full of great stuff. Next year…more time!;)

  7. Looks like such a good time Nancy! I was supposed to go that Saturday but with the rain and kids it was a no go. I went to the holiday market in November and there is just so much to look at. I love what you got and can’t wait to see your kitchen!

    1. Oh it was a great time Kim…and such great stuff on top of it! I’d love to go to the Holiday market…I bet that is amazing!

  8. When I first traveled to Lucketts it was after the Spring Market … I loved the Lucketts store and purchased a few goodies…and unfortunately the Design House was closed at that time too..but so glad to have been able to tour the Design House this year…and looks as though you enjoyed it too!….Love your pics!…What could be better than Lucketts, Hometalk and Ikea!!!

  9. Oh WOW!!! That mason jar is the coolest, I’ve never seen a dated one before!

    But yeah, I’d have held off to bring that amazing sink home too. Seriously swooning here!

    Thanks for your amazing recap, that was a whole lotta fun!

    1. Thanks Donna! :) I know, I just love that jar..and those wonderful swirls and bubbles! It’s now the favorite of my blue mason jar collection. ;)

  10. It looks like you had such an amazing time! So enjoyed your trip to Luckett’s through your pictures! Loved it! I’ve never been but will definitely have to go next year!! What great vendors and all gathered in one place! The Design House was great…. so exciting and filled with such perfect treasures! It would absolutely take me a day to go through because I’d be afraid I’d miss something great! Love your purchases especially your new farm sink! Can’t wait to see your kitchen reveal! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lynn! Yes, it was such a wonderful place. I can’t think of anywhere around here that we have like it. If you know of any let me know! ;) I will definitely be going back. I did miss some really great things as I’ve seen from some of the other blogger’s pictures! Next time, a better plan for sure (more time there and maybe take the truck?!). Hope you are having a great week :)

  11. How are the prices at this place? Is it worth the drive outside of the Spring Market? It is a 3.5 hour drive for me (Hampton Roads)… when is a good time to go??

    1. Hi Bettie, That’s where I am located also and in my opinion it is definitely worth the drive to see! I didn’t really pay too much attention the prices inside the store, sorry. I shopped mostly the vendors outside that day. I didn’t have enough time there and do plan to go back next year. :) As far as the best time, I think anytime is good but it’s nice to go when they are having an event such as this.

  12. Nancy, I just wanted to tell you that my mother had the aluminum canister set, complete with Tea, Grease (all aluminum except for burgundy knob on lid and inside strainer), salt and pepper (with screw-on turquoise lids), and the cake plate. Every time I see yours, I get all weepy and nostalgic. Wish I had kept this set. I grew up with it. But being married with “new stuff” I was an idiot!! An idiot, I say!! A precious part of my childhood memories sits on your hutch shelf. I felt I had to tell you that. I love your blog. Thanks for all the fun, Vicki K

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Oh how fun!! I am so glad to hear about the rest of the set with the burgundy knob and turquoise lids. I’d LOVE to come across those! (the salt and pepper)
      Aw, I totally understand! I’ve done the very same thing in the past. Who knew how we’d feel about those things down the road?!
      Thanks for the nice words too! Made my day…thank you! :)

    1. Oh this would be perfect for a girl’s trip!! I went with my boys (my husband and son) and they were not as excited about it as I was!! lol

  13. Hi Nancy, I enjoy your blog, thank you!
    I’m from Canada, could you please tell me where Luckett’s is ?
    One day I’m going to venture down to your neck of the country to explore…..
    Thanks again


    1. Hi Jo-Ann! :) Thank you! Luckett’s is in Leesburg Virginia. This is an older post by a few years and I didn’t realize I never said where it was or linked to their site. I’ve gone back in and edited it with the location and a link to their site. :) Sorry about that! And how exciting! I love a little road trip. I’ve only been to Canada once and it was when I was around 10 visiting relatives in Maine. Would love to go back some day. Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

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