“Guest Post Fun” – Meet Jane from Jane’s Adventures in Dinner

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I hope you guys are enjoying the “Guest Post Fun” Series! Today you get to meet Jane from Jane’s Adventures in Dinner. Wait til you check our her blog and all the fabulous food & recipes! Yum!!

I’m guest hosting over at my friend Heather’s blog, Setting for Four so be sure to stop by there as well…..but first, meet my friend Jane:


A couple of  years ago now (gah! where’d the time go) I started to read a lovely blog called “The Bold Abode”.  I got to know the author, Gwen and think that she is just aces.  She designed my website:



and is always inspiring.

Oh!  That’s me-Jane and these are my adventures.

Gwen had a fab idea the other week (amongst many others) to hook a whole bunch of fun gals together and have a series of guest posts so that we can all get to know each other better.

Today I am thrilled to be visiting Nancy at “Artsy Chicks Rule”.

So what am I all about?

I’m a mom to a cutie, little girl.


I’m a wife, teacher, sister, daughter…

I’m Canadian, hopefully environmentally conscious and love all the local food that I’m lucky enough to have access to.

Well, I like to have muffins on Mondays


I have a rocky relationship with Tuesdays but we’re trying to be friends through a series of quick dinners.


Fridays are my best friend and I make a treat to celebrate it each week.


and I celebrate happiness on Saturdays


I’ve a fun newsletter with EVEN more treats in it that you have come to you once a month.

AND I help to organize the

which is SUPER FUN and you should join as soon as possible.
Life is VERY good and my little piece of blogland helps to remind me how much fun there is to be had.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride.


Until the next adventure, Jane



 A couple of fabulous recipes of hers I spied are the Brie Pasta & Chicken Pocket Pies, oh my…..among the many others you’ll find on your blog. Gorgeous photos too. :)

Thanks again for visiting today Jane!! And sharing your lovely blog with us.

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