Christmas Home Tour 2015 (Part 2)

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Hello Friends!

I’m back today with Part 2 of my Christmas Home Tour.

Today I’m sharing my study, dining and kitchen. :)

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Part 2 - #christmashometour

I’m feeling so light without the added weight of some of the furniture these rooms used to have.
(and junk…as in the study, which is now empty, mostly! Yaaaay!!)
AND we even cleaned (we…he, my husband ;) ) out the garage.
It’s empty and is a space I can work in sometimes now.

SO happy!

Now onto the rest of my Christmas decor.

As I had mentioned in Part 1 of my Christmas Home Tour, I kept things a bit more simple and neutral this year.
Looking to the left from the foyer is the study….

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Aubusson Blue Thrift Store Dresser - #christmashometour

….and dining in the back there.

I found this tree at the thrift store and flocked it.
You can see that tutorial —>>here.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - DIY Flocked Tree - #christmashometour

Since it had “freshly fallen white snow” on all the branches, I decided to keep it very clean and light.
I used silver, white and aqua ornaments with a white felt ribbon wrapped around it.
The colors in this room are mostly blues and whites, off whites, so it goes beautifully in here.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Aubusson Blue Dresser - #christmashometour

My Aubusson Blue Dresser is always fun to dress up.
I didn’t do much but did add a few red bells in the tray for a hint of red.
Oh, and the star lights came from Target. Aren’t they sweet?

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Jingle Bell Wreath - #christmashometour

This jingle bell wreath even adorned the front grill on my husband’s truck one year! ;)
This year it’s hanging on my mirror over the dresser with a pretty blue snowflake in the middle.
Aren’t the lights from the tree so pretty in the reflection?

The pillow below was one I painted with Chalk Paint® a few years ago.
The other side says “I’ve Been Nice”…oops, I put the wrong side facing out. ;)
Will have to fix that!! lol

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Chalk Painted Pillow, DIY Sign and Simple Decor - #christmashometour

The “It’s a Wonderful Life” sign is a Pottery Barn inspired sign I made a couple years ago.
I put it over my hall tree this year with a couple over sized ceramic ornaments I usually use on the porch.

So I do have a few pops of red in this otherwise blue and white room.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Desk and Study - #christmashometour

The “Santa Claus Lane” sign was a thrift store find last year, I think.

The “Peace on Earth” bowl was a metal bowl I found at the thrift store a few years ago…and painted!
I filled some of my blue Ball Mason jars with ornaments and pine cones.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Bookcase Decor - #christmashometour

And Santa…

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Santa Claus - #christmashometour

On this side of the room I have a Victorian era hall tree from the 1870’s.
(it’s only here because I have nowhere else to put it at the moment)
I found it at an estate sale of a home that was originally a Civil War boat captain’s. (built in 1890)
I’m thinking this hall tree was original to the home!
What a find for $85.
It does need a few repairs but the wood is still in beautiful condition.
It just needs a good cleaning and polish.
The trays at the bottom were replaced with round (cheap) brass ones.
I would LOVE to find the original scalloped ones that belong there.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Antique Hall Tree - #christmashometour

The beautiful ornate mirror behind it was found just a week or so ago for $20 at my local thrift store!
Isn’t it a beauty?
I shared both of these on Instagram at the time I found them.
I usually do like to share my treasures as I find them over there! ;)

Looking back  towards the front door from the dining….

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Looking into Study - #christmashometour

You can better see the hall tree with the sign above.
(which in all honesty is never that empty!! ha…but what’s a hall tree for?)

And looking into the dining….

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Holiday Dining Room - #christmashometour

I decided to use the burlap chair wraps again this year.
They are just so pretty and really dress up the chairs.

I also decided to create an festive table setting with gold and red….

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Christmas Table Setting - #christmashometour

The centerpiece is a copper tray I’ve used in previous years. (it came from Target on clearance)
The aqua vase is from At Home.
I decorated it simply with ornaments, fresh greenery & pine cones, berries and candles.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Red and Gold Table Setting - #christmashometour

A simple gold ornament and red berries dress it up a bit.
The clear, iridescent glass ornaments hanging from the light came from Big Lots, 6 for $5!

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Simple Place Setting, Chalk Painted Pillow - #christmashometour

The “Jingle Y’all” pillow is another Chalk Painted® pillow sitting in a thrifty chair I also made over.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Jingle Yall - #christmashometour

I am still really loving these curtains from TJ Maxx.
(I believe the brand was Nicole Miller)

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - New Window Treatments - #christmashometour

I hung my “DIY Snowflake Wall Hanging” in between the windows here.

These little guys were old thrift store finds. (in poorly painted color)
I sprayed them gold and look how elegant and beautiful it made them.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Thrifty Makeovers with Gold Spray Paint - #christmashometour

They are on the “new” beverage/bar cart with the chalkboard and chalk art I just created.

Eat, Drink and BE Merry Chalk Art - Bev Cart Decor -#artsychicksrule #freeprintable #eatdrinkbemerry

I’m also loving the smaller coffee bar here.
Everything needs a Santa hat on it, don’t you agree?

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Holiday Coffee and Cocoa Bar - #christmashometour

I created a little cocoa station with cocoa, candy canes and marshmallows.
The coffee mug rack is new.
I ordered it from Amazon but in trying to share the direct link for you, have found it’s currently not in stock.
I will try to check again and edit, if possible.
It’s only the metal portion, however.
I wanted it to look a bit more rustic so added a piece of old pallet board.
(it was super easy to do, so you could do the same if you like the look)

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - New Mug Rack with Pallet Board - #christmashometour

On the back wall is my buffet. (which used to be an entire cabinet with a glass top, I’ve since removed)
The “grateful, thankful, blessed” sign can be found –>> here.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Dining Buffet - #christmashometour

Again, I kept things a bit more simple this year.
Silver trees, some greenery, candles and ornaments (and “snowballs”).
The wreath is one I also made and then flocked.
The greenery at the top of the mirror is from Michael’s.
I added some gold and red berries to dress it up a bit.

I love the more natural look of the decor here.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - DIY Faux Driftwood Weathered Sign - #christmashometour

And my Sassy Santa too, of course!! (he came from At Home also)

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Sassy Santa - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

The kitchen island got these whimsical deer (Michael’s).

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Whimsical Centerpiece and DIY Santa Art - #christmashometour

Sitting on a metal tray from the thrift store filled with pine cones and ornaments.
The “Santa Believe” sign is up on the refrigerator this year to welcome all who enter.
That jolly face just makes me happy!

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Farmhouse Sink Kitchen - #christmashometour

I hung three cream colored ornaments from the top, some fresh greenery on the window sill with berries…..

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - DIY Christmas Wall Art - #christmashometour

…and this “baby, it’s cold outside” sign.

Not much over here except you can see the wreaths on the shutters I shared with you in Part 1 of the tour.
And I did add a bit of greenery and berries on the bar top there.
A red hand towel that says “Calories Don’t Count at Christmas”.
Well, duh, of course not!! ;)

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - New Stove Yay - #christmashometour

And ya’ll!!!!! That is a NEW stove!! Oh my gosh, do you know how long I’ve wanted/needed one?
The old one wasn’t broken but it was old and awful, rusty in places, didn’t fit the space well, was white (everything else is black).
And it looked dirty no matter how much I cleaned it..ugh!
Still, I had a hard time pulling the trigger on spending that money since it was working but when the washer went out….done deal!!
Haha…that’s what happens when you go shopping for appliances and you have to buy.
I decided it was time to just do it, so I did. ;) Merry Christmas to me!! :)

You also might remember me saying things are changing around here.
New paint in the dining room and new paint in the kitchen. (no more yellow)
Well, I also changed the main gallery wall decor too.

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - New DIY Chalkboard - #christmashometour

Yep, all the rest is gone and in it’s place is this perfectly rustic, farmhouse styled chalkboard.
The ledge is quite full of Christmas cards since taking this photo.
I usually line them up along the bar top but thought the ledge here would be perfect.
They look so pretty lining it down the length of the wall.

And in case you were wondering, this is where I decided to hang the stockings this year.
Fun and different! 
I have to tell you though, my 17 year old son was none too pleased. ;)
He said, “Mom, the stockings have to be hung on the fireplace, that’s weird!”
Haha, I said, ” Well, what if we didn’t even have a fireplace? What then, huh?” 
“Mom, we have a fireplace.” 
Okay, I lose. But the stockings are staying put. hee hee
Until Christmas morning, of course, when Santa fills them and lays them back over at the fireplace.
He is okay now, he is my one that does not like change.
Poor fella is living in the wrong house! ;)

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - JOY Chalkart - #christmashometour

A little “JOY” chalk lettering in the middle….and I’ll have more on this DIY chalkboard in the new year.

Well, friends, that concludes my Christmas Home Tour.
I’m so happy to have been able to share it and all of the thrifty decorating tips with you.

If you missed Part 1, you can see it –>> here.

If you’d like to see previous years Christmas Home Tours to see how differently I used all of these items, you can visit them here.

Holiday Home Tour - Part 1                    Home for the Holidays Artsy Chicks Rule

Merry Christmas Friends!  :)
I’ll be back on Saturday with a bunch of holiday recipes for you, just in time for the holidays!


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  1. Your house looks so beautiful – very fresh looking and love the colours you have used throughout and love all the homemade stuff you have created and with the added Christmas ornaments etc – it looks very homely and cozy- GORGEOUS

    I hope you and your family have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all :)

  2. Nancy, love your home and the Christmas décor is gorgeous! I need either a hall tree slightly more narrow than yours or the chalkboard frame!! I am so looking forward to that post. After I see how easy it is (haha) the chalkboard frame may be answer. I still have the pics to email you for the bedroom furniture, just have been busy lately. Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas! Love ya

    1. Thank you Sandra! :)
      I haven’t really even had a chance to enjoy it much since we only recently finished in there.
      I’m looking forward to getting out of my upstairs office/room every once in awhile and blogging from there!
      Merry Christmas friend!!

  3. Everything is so lovely, Nancy! I love the beautiful colors in your house! And of course, I am still loving your flocked tree! (And your sassy Santa!) I’m looking for a smaller tree to flock, but so far, no luck. I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us and giving us so much inspiration all through the year! Merry Christmas! xo

  4. Your house looks beautiful Nancy! Oh my gosh, that antique hall stand is stunning – how lucky to find such a fabulous piece. I want that rustic mug rack for my daughter, going to keep my eyes peeled on Amazon for that one. Your bar cart is so awesome too but what has me swooning the most is your gorgeous den/study – from the built-ins to the desk in the center, the flocked Christmas Tree, and the large window filling the room with light.

    1. Thanks Marie!
      Yes, I have no clue where that stand will go but hoping to use it in the new house whenever we move.
      We’ll see! ;)
      Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Nancy, love it, spacially the first pic… super nice…but what i like most is your ability to make gorgeus spaces with very simple and thirfty elements., and always everithing has your very personal stamp. Have a beautiful Christmas with your family dear …. big hug from Madrid…

  6. Everything looks just perfect, Nancy! I am in love with your office and those built-ins!! What I wouldn’t give to have a space like that! Your dining room looks gorgeous too and yay you finally got a new stove! You should have included a photo of the old one so people really understood what it meant for you to have a new one ha ha. Absolutely beautiful from corner to corner!

    1. Thanks Christy!!
      haha, it’s in the old holiday tour photos. They can see it there. Ick!! No close ups though! Poor old thing!
      I’m just so happy it’s gone! I feel like my kitchen is fully made over … and it only took 11 1/2 years! ;)

  7. I love it ALL!! Especially the Dining room and your flocked tree!! Btw, there are mug holders like yours on eBay.

  8. Gorgeous!! I love it all!! You did an amazing job of decorating!! I love all the little touches you added all over. Beautiful!!

  9. Nancy, Love your home especially the desk and the lamp on the desk. I didn’t get to see the 1st showing of your home but will try to go back to see it. I also love the blue that you use. I saw the brass trays you were talking about and then you said something about wood. Isn’t that where they would have put their wet umbrellas I don’t think you could use wood. That is a very nice piece of furniture and you must have some good thrift shops. Let me know what you find out about the trays. Have a very Merry Christmas and may 2016 be the best yet. Mary Prinzavalli

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thank you so much! :) Blue is my favorite and I just love using it in my home.
      I’m so sorry for the confusion on the hall tree. I was just saying the wood was still in very good condition.
      It’s also mostly intact except someone removed the metal trays at the bottom and replaced them with cheap brass ones. The originals were most likely cast iron. I would love to find something closer to the original style to replace there (still metal, not wood). Yes, that would be where an umbrella would go. :)
      Sometimes I just get to writing and what’s in my head doesn’t always come across clearly! :)
      Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you!!!

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