Vintage Antique Goodness {an outing}

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Hey guys…I have a really fun post for you all today.
I’m sharing some vintage, antique…and really cool old stuff I came across recently while “treasure hunting”.

My husband’s and my birthday are just 8 days apart. So on his day, which was a Saturday this year, we went out for a ride.
He got to choose what and where we would go for the day.

We just happened to drive by one of my very favorite antique galleries.

I said…”ohhh, there, there!”.

He gave me “the look”. 
Okay, it’s yourrrrr day.
But we are coming back next weekend on my day!

And we did. :)

I thought it would be fun to show you some fun things we saw as we walked through.
(plus a few other goodies from another shop)

Please keep in mind I shot all of these with my phone camera (had not planned to do a post with them) so they are not the best quality.
And if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a few of these already…in “real time”. :)

But first…..

….look what I did with my Burlap Monogram I made for the Michael’s/Hometalk party.Burlap Monogram Alright, I know that is not totally exciting or anything….but it looks so pretty on my black front door.
Love it there.
But I think it may need a bow or something.
(ignore the gold hanger, I need a new one)

Okay, on with the show…..

Antique leather reclinerVery cool old leather recliner. Look at that intricate woodwork.

Antique toiletThe “outhouse” IN.
Sure am glad we have progressed from this one. ;)

Antique WheelchairOld caned back wheelchair.  I’m sure it wasn’t very comfortable but it sure is pretty.

Antique FanI love old fans.

Gorgeous old chandeliersGosh, wish these photos were better but take a look at this chandelier goodness.

Old antique booksAre you an old book lover? I am.
I could just look at and through them for forever.
I especially love old books with old handwritten things in them.

Old shipping boxAnd old box someone used to ship something. So cool.

Old Blue LanternOld blue lantern. I really wanted to bring this one home.
I mean, it’s blue…and vintage. Love.

Old CamerasOld cameras and such.

Old Stereo CabinetOld stereo cabinet. A tad dusty but kinda neat.

Old Washing MachineLoving this “modern” washing machine.

No Dope Cough Syrup Bottle“No Dope” Cough Syrup. I laughed out loud at this. Really, I did.
It had to come home with me.

My Find - Antique bottlesSo did all of these. :)


And I saved the best for last.

Are you ready?

Crazy cool antique showerHow completely cool is this?
Look at those claw feet.
Look at that gorgeous metal work.
Look at that super cool round shape.

Wait til you see the faucet handles up close……

Crazy cool antique shower - water dialsand the base….

Cool antique shower - bottomHave you ever seen anything like it?
I sure haven’t.


But is was something like $7,800.
And I have nowhere to put it.
Well, like that matters with that price.

I can dream.

Right? Yep.

Hope you all enjoyed sharing in my little “treasure hunting” adventure.

Vintage Goodness
Happy hunting!

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  1. Looks like you had such an amazing time! I’ve never seen an antique shower before and especially in such great condition!! Those claw feet are beautiful and the faucet handles lovely! We’ve been in the midst of remodeling and we had to replace our faucet handles and I couldn’t bear to toss them! I’ve kept them but don’t know why! What a unique collection of antiques! So did your husband go back with you the following weekend? Although I really don’t need anymore “things”, I always love the thrill of spending time just looking in shops like this. It always inspires me and usually gives me creative ideas to reuse what I already have! Love what you brought home!

    1. It was fun Lynn!! :) One of my favorite things to do.
      I know, isn’t that shower amazing?? (and the price is too! lol)
      Oh yes, he went back with me. He actually enjoys it too. :)
      And, I totally agree! It is great for inspiration for things we already have (and of course picking up those things we “can’t” live without!)

  2. Just ORB your door hanger – problem solved! The French shower is the best ever! An amazing outdoor/patio/pool house shower. Beautiful knobs.

    1. Aww! Ellen said it first! What are you talking about, need a new hanger? Get out that ORB spray paint! Now you’ve got me hooked on it, too. I put it to the test with 5 exceedingly ugly things I picked up at the Goodwill store, just to see if it deserves all the hype. I’ll be posting about that soon on my blog.

      Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a great day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun day! I don’t think my butt would fit in that shower though. But one day a thousand years from now, someone is going to look at my butter leather recliner and have a picture of it on their blog as a very cool antique. =D


    1. Thanks Therese! It was fun. :)
      Love the old fans! And I don’t even own one yet…I think I need to fix that!


  4. You spotted some really unique things on your outing, things that I definitely don’t see in antique shops around here. That shower is amazing! I have to wonder where it originated? An old hotel? The stories behind the antiques fascinate me. If only they could talk!

    Glad you got that bottle. It’s going to be a real conversation piece.

  5. Hello: Such cool stuff. Did you mention where this store was??? I didn’t notice but would like to know. Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Hi Janice,
      The store is in Yorktown, VA …and called The Galeria.
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes!! :)


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