Home Decor Giveaway (and Target Gift Card!)

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A little home decor giveaway today along with a $75 gift card to say thank you for hanging around here with me! 

Decor Steals Corbels Giveaway (plus $75 Target Gift Card!) artsychicksrule.com

Hey friends!
As I mentioned on Tuesday (and last month on the last giveaway) I’m having a home decor giveaway for this month.

These corbels I found on Decor Steals some time back. I love Decor Steals. They have some really neat things but you have to get em quick.
I bought 2 sets of these pretty corbels, one for me and one to give away to one of you!
But as it would go, I got busy and never got around to setting up the giveaway for them. ;)

It’s time to send these off to one lucky winner!

Not only that, I decided to add a little something extra …

Decor Steals Corbels Giveaway (plus $75 Target Gift Card!) artsychicksrule.com

… a $75 dollar gift card to TARGET!! Yippee!

Who doesn’t love Target??

So, one winner will win these corbels…

Decor Steals Corbels Giveaway (plus $75 Target Gift Card!) artsychicksrule.com

… and a $75 dollar Target gift card.

These corbels are currently sold out over at Decor Steals but you can pop over there and take a look to see how others have used and/or styled them.
Lots of ideas there! Check them out, here.


**Neither of these companies is sponsoring this giveaway. This is a gift from ME to YOU! :)

Here’s how you enter:

To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below.  Enter all or as many as you like for more chances to win!

Once the contest is over, the Rafflecopter will choose a winner at random.
That’s it!
(if you have trouble with the Rafflecopter box below, you can visit this link to enter instead, “Pair of Corbels & $75 Target Gift Card“)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends Thursday, November 21st at 12:00am EST.
After which, one winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.
You will have 48 hours to respond. If not, another winner will be chosen.
You must be 18 years or older (and a US resident) to participate. Void where prohibited.

Wishing you lots of luck and hoping you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I so enjoy all your furniture make-overs but would also like to see more craft projects.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.
    Enjoy your day and have a great evening

  2. You are so sweet! What an awesome prize! Love keeping up with all your posts and seeing how you transform old into something new and unique! You are so creative! Have an amazing holiday season!!

    Wendy 💜

  3. Oh Nancy, how incredibly sweet of you!! I, too, adore decor steals. I have several items from their wonderful sale emails. :) And a Target gift card is amazing……… $75!! What the what? Positively sweet and generous.
    Thanks for the great emails and I wish everyone good luck with your newest giveaway!!

  4. I love thrift store makeovers. I really like the ones that involve the things that seem to ALWAYS be at every thrift store… bread boxes, readers digest books, baskets and more.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. You a so kind and inspiring! I look forward to your posts and get so many wonderful ideas! Keep them coming.

  6. Nancy, your blog is so so much fun! Your creativity shows through. I always appreciate the tricks and practical ways you explain everything.

  7. What a great giveaway! Christmas shopping or shopping for me-umm! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  8. This is a great giveaway! Thank You for this opportunity. I get Decor Steals emails every day, I love their products. Sherri G.

  9. would love to see some of those large metal pieces of “art work” repurposed in some way. I have several of the large square shaped ones from Kirkland’s and they are just sitting collecting dust. Outside of just painting the them white, any suggestions?

  10. Thank you for another giveaway! You have a great eye for how to redo items that would otherwise be overlooked. I love seeing the end result. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to win the corbels and gift card :) I would like to see more small projects. Your vision and transformation of thrift store objects is amazing and I can’t get enough of those kind of posts!

  12. This is an exciting giveaway!! I’ve been trying to hunt down a set of corbels. This might just be my chance to own them!!!

  13. I’m getting ready to do my first big furniture project (an old chest of drawers) 😬 I think I can do it because of your inspiration!!! Wish me luck 😀

  14. Love these corbels and don’t know how I missed them on Decor Steals! So addicted to the Steals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. What an exciting give-away, thank you! I love following you and appreciate all the paint tips and great ideas that I use to paint furniture for my antique booths. Thank you!

  16. I would love more wreath inspirations! I’m doing my first ever craft show this Saturday and love to see your color and floral combinations!

  17. Such a sweet thing to do! I gave followed you on Facebook and Pinterest for awhile now. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  18. I Love your thrift store shakedowns!! My sister and I spend hours shopping the various thrift stores, when we get together. So much fun!! I would love a tutorial, on how to stain concrete. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  19. Hi I would love to see more quick easy fixes and also how to decorate on a limited budget…plus move stuff around to make it look new!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  20. Love seeing your Blog and email updates! I love a good quick flip and you never fail!
    I am a sucker for a good re-purpose! Those would be awesome!

  21. Your color pallet is my favorite. I love what you do and I want to see more of it! Thanks so much for offering this give-away. Wow! $75 to Target? Right here at Christmas? You’re the best! Thank you!

  22. I enjoy seeing the remodeling projects, especially before and afters. What an amazing job you did on your house over the years!

  23. I love seeing the things you do in your home to remodel or decorate. I need ideas and inspiration and you provide that.

  24. Thanks for having a giveaway for such nice prizes. I love opening my emails on Tuesday and Thursdays to see such inspiring ideas. I especially love table makeovers. Have a happy Fall!

  25. Nancy I wish I had the time to do all the projects I want to do so I live through your projects instead. Thank you for being an inspiration and resource to rely on.

  26. I love your blog. I just changed my whole downstairs to farmhouse. Love the items you post and the links to where to buy them. Thank you for everything you do.

  27. Hi Nancy, you are so very generous with your giveaways. Thank you for all the ideas and inspiration you have shared with us here on the blog and on social media! I have enjoyed your bathroom remodel IG stories, it is looking amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  28. Hi Nancy! I love visiting your site. I am currently updating my kitchen and dining room. Thank you for sharing your painting tips.

    I also love the give-a-ways!

  29. I love all your quick easy projects that real people can actually accomplish! Thank you so much for sharing all sorts of inspiration. 🙂

  30. WOW! Thanks for thinking of us – I like seeing the thrift store makeovers and your little video’s going to the thrift stores!

  31. Awesome giveaway! I love your furniture and small decor makeovers! Always very inspiring! I also like the trash to treasures you do once a month!

  32. LOVE the corbels! I’d be as excited about winning those as the Target card! I read your email posts and wish I was as “artsy” as you are!

  33. I love corbels! I also love painted furniture.. I love posts on how to update furniture with paint. I’m in the process of changing my bathroom vanity from gray to Annie Sloan’s new Oxford Blue. Two years ago it was golden oak!

  34. So jealous of the wonderful thrift shopping you all get to do – I live on a small island and there are only 2 plus a consignment clothing store so when I go off island, I go crazy. My best friend and I (she lives at the other end of the state) meet in the middle, rent a room and head out in all directions for a couple days – luckily, we do this about 3 times a year!
    Have been so inspired by you guys. Have finished several “finds” that have been laying around for years! Keep it up!

  35. I upcycle fabric in many of my creations, purses, totes, messenger bags, pillows, lap quilts, and clothing. I’m wondering if you do any creating with fabric and have ideas and projects to share?

  36. I would like more upholstered projects, and where to find decor deals like Decor Steals.
    Thank you for the give-a-way I learn a-lot from your blog.

  37. How generous of you to do this giveaway! I have recently gotten into crafting so I am always interested in seeing your creative ideas especially for your home!

  38. Decor Steals is one of my favorite sites! I get their emails every day and have bought several things for my house. Love all the re-dos and upcycles from you, and the ideas keep coming every week. Thank you!

  39. Keep up the thrift store make overs. I am always finding great stuff, but sometimes I don’t know what to do with it.

  40. love all your thrifty makeovers, how about revamping flooring? The possibilities could be endless!!! Thanks for the great chance for this giveaway love the corbels!!!

  41. I would love it if you did a Q&A feature or an advice feature where we could ask your opinion on how to paint items.

  42. Oh nooo I just did all the steps to enter and then read the US residents only. That’s too bad. Would love to see these open to other countries! I love your work ♥️

  43. Whenever Artsy Chicks Rule shows up on my email I am thrilled. I’ve learned from you how to make my home so much better. I love reading what you do for holidays but when we learn about Christmas decorating and I love to learn special things I can do at Christmas and I would love to see more of that and changing our homes for each season would also be very helpful. Just keep teaching anything!

  44. I am dying to see what you do with that two-tiered tripod mcm end table you picked up at the thrift store. Mainly because I have one like and am not sure how to revamp it! I need ideas! Lol!

  45. Wow what a gift, thank you so much for having the contest with such a great prize!!! I will have so much fun with both prizes!!

  46. I love following your blog as you do such creative projects! It’s great inspiration. I particularly like seeing you redo furniture with creative finishes/techniques and would love to continue to see those projects. Thank you for sharing!

  47. I love your furniture makeovers. And more things like your laundry room. Looking forward to the beach place updates. Cheers!

  48. My favorite posts are those involving a furniture make-over. I love to see the transition from ugly to beautiful! Your pieces have been inspiration for me a number of times and your instructions on how you do each piece are very helpful.

  49. Hello, thank you for this opertunity. I am pretty new to your group and so far I am really enjoying what I am seeing here. Thank you for sharing your talents 😀

  50. Nancy, you have the best projects and you give wonderful instructions!

    With the upcoming holidays so close, It would be great if you could offer ideas for some quick and easy “little something” gifts that we could make when a big (expensive) gift isn’t necessary.

    Thank you for all you do!

  51. I’d love more tutorials on not just painting but creating texture and more depth than just a simple paint job on different items for more character.

  52. Hi Nancy, i came back to this page to see if I had won yet. :) I an unable to put in more entries. :( Now i am going to find out how to snow my Christmas trees.

  53. Thank you for having this giveaway! It would be a great Christmas gift for whomever wins it. Now I’m going back to the blog to read how to ‘snow’ my Christmas tree.

  54. Thank so much for this giveaway!! I am struggling right now as my furniture is not selling. I follow many bloggers and there seems to be problems everywhere! I will wait until Spring to see if things pick up, if not I will have to throw in the towel! I am really discouraged as this has been my therapy since I lost my hubby last October. Thanks again!!!!

  55. I enjoy getting your email and seeing all the wonderful things you restore. Thank you for the giveaway. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  56. I love when you show us how to do things we might have never thought of, for example the Dollar Tree dusters to make snow for our Christmas tree. Every time I learn something new that you teach us I just think “I really must try this!” And I do! Thanks.

  57. I’d love to see more furniture makeovers. Those projects have given me a lot of inspiration for updating some older pieces of furniture that I have.

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