Charleston & Mount Pleasant {a recap in photos}

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We recently got back from a trip visiting my husband’s brother, his wife and nephew who live in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Welcome sign- #southcarolina #charleston

See that menu above where it says “Random Things”?  Yep, this is going to be one of the posts that end up there!
No projects, paint, decor or thrifting today…just a little bit of random, food and fun to share with you all.

Charleston Trip -

We visit SC once or twice a year and I thought I’d share a few photos of the places we visited while there this time.
I wrote another post last year about our visit at that time with different things/visits…you can see it here –> “Road Trip! …. Charleston, SC

We also visited Asheville, NC for a 50th fraternity reunion while we were down that way. (my husband’s college fraternity) We had a few hours to spare so visited the downtown Asheville area.
Lots to see and be entertained by there! I can’t wait to share all of it with you (that will be another post)…and the story of the evening too.

It’s a “look back and laugh” kinda story.
Although, I’m not looking back and laughing too much just yet!! ;)

AND lastly…we visited my favorite, “Page’s Thieves Market”, in Mount Pleasant again on this trip. I’ll also be sharing all the amazing things I saw in that store in another post.
SOOOO much goodness. I wish I could have brought it all home with me! Talk about great finds…and all in one place. Wow.
If you follow along on Instagram I gave a peek or two of some things I’ve mentioned here.

So first up…this is what we were greeted with upon our arrival……

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Carolina Cocktail - #firefly #southcarolina #charleston

…and a fabulous meal to go along with it! My sister in law is a fabulous cook and great host!

Another photo… :) Isn’t it pretty?

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka….lemonade, muddled mint and…triple sec I think!
Anyway, it was yummy.

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Sweet Tea Cocktail - #firefly #sweettea #southcarolina #charleston

All of the photos are with the camera on my phone so the quality is not the best. I always bring my “real” camera (Canon 60D) but never end up pulling it out.
I’m lucky to get the photos I do because we are always on the go….and I’m lagging behind saying “wait, wait gotta get a photo!”

Ha! All of the bloggers out there understand that I am sure! Thankfully my family is patient with me. ;)

We were also greeted by this sweetie who I swear I’m going to kidnap one of these days.

Love her!

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Sweet - #southcarolina #charleston

We go out riding a bit and on a trip over to Sullivan’s Island (or Isle of Palms…one or other!) we saw this home…..

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - House - #southcarolina #charleston

…had to get a shot of it. It’s a waterfront “dome”! How unique is that????

And we love to eat at all the fabulous places too. One of these days we’ll get to them all.
Since we knew we wouldn’t be able to eat at them all we decided to have drinks or drinks and appetizers at a few on our last day here.

Here are a few we visited….

The Fish House – Bridge Bar (in the entrance on the floor)

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Floor Mural - #southcarolina #charleston

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - The Fish House - #southcarolina #charleston


The view from the Bridge Bar up top…

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - view from the Bridge Bar - #southcarolina #charleston

..and these, the one in back is the  USS Yorktown. You can read about them both –> here.

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Ship Destroyer - #southcarolina #charleston

I have to mention another restaurant we went to while here…..Graze.
I don’t have photos but the food was FABULOUS! A must try for sure.

After a couple days here we left to head to Asheville, NC for the night. (post coming soon on that “adventure”) When we returned we resumed our “restaurant” hopping. ;)
My husband, son and brother in law did enjoy a little SUP-ing Sunday morning though.
My son saw a dolphin and a squid by his board.

First stop back was the Rooftop Bar in Charleston. (love those dark gray clouds in front of the bright white ones)

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Rooftop Bar - #southcarolina #charleston

Cool lighting here…

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Lighting - #southcarolina #charleston

Downstairs from the Rooftop Bar is this….The Drawing Room

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - The Drawing Room - #southcarolina #charleston

How gorgeous are those chandeliers???

Another pretty chandelier in the lobby…

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - The Drawing Room chandelier- #southcarolina #charleston

We had some interesting (very unique!) drinks at The Gin Joint….

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - The Gin Joint - #southcarolina #charleston


Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - HUSK - #southcarolina #charleston

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Husk entrance - #southcarolina #charleston

My brother in law and sister in law have eaten here but we didn’t have reservations and couldn’t get in that evening.

We did visit their bar next door though.

The Bar at Husk

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - HUSK Bar- #southcarolina #charleston

Such a cool place!
It’s an old carriage house and retains a bunch of the old features inside.

Had drinks and a “ham plate”. (it’s a whiskey/bourbon bar) I don’t drink bourbon … those would be the men’s drinks. ;)

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - HUSK Bar Ham Board - #southcarolina #charleston

Pretty building and palm tree …across the street from Husk.

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - across from HUSK - #southcarolina #charleston

Walked by this one (loved the sign :) ) …

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Blossoms - #southcarolina #charleston

But ended up eating at Cypress

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Cypress - #southcarolina #charleston

They had a really big “wall-o-wine”…

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - Cypress Wall of Wine - #southcarolina #charleston

Of which we didn’t have! But it was impressive to look at anyway.

And some really fabulous food. I tried to take photos but it was too dark inside.

Just trust me on that. ;)

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the photos of Charleston and surrounding areas. I’ll be sharing our trip to Asheville, NC next week….plus it’s “themed furniture” week too!
I’ll be sharing a piece that I’ve decoupaged along with my blogger friend’s pieces too.

Be sure to stop back by!

Happy weekend to you all!


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  1. The Gin Joint. Ahh…. “Of all the gin joints….in all the towns….in all the world….she had to walk in to mine….'” Casablanca. Love. Love. Love that movie! Great pictures….even from your lil phone! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved your share. Half way through had to laugh. Posting lots of bar pics is funny. We know why you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Haha Cheryl!! Yes, we did. We actually did some shopping and other things but I forgot to take pictures then. The last day we were there we decided to visit a bunch of bars/restaurants to “fit them all in”! My 15 (well he turned 16 this week) year old son was also with us so we didn’t get too wild! ;)
      Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. I love hearing about other people’s trips and seeing their photos. I enjoyed all of your photos, lots of beautiful buildings there. The tile floor at The Drawing Room got my attention. Being a mosaic artist, I am interested in tile layouts. It shouldn’t be hard to copy this layout if one buys rectangular tiles.

    I wish you had the recipe for that sweet tea cocktail! It does look yummy and I am addicted to sweet tea. Yum!

    I too use my cell phone to take most photos even though I have a better camera. In fact, I really think I use the camera on my phone more than I use it as a phone!

    1. Hi Gwen,
      Oh yes, that floor is gorgeous!
      I think those are the ingredients for the cocktail I just don’t remember what she said the measurements were. I can try to get that and edit here. :)
      Have you tried Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka? If you love sweet tea, you will like it! It’s made right there in SC but I think it’s available all over.
      Using the cell phone is soo much easier than carrying the big one around all day!
      Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Looks like you had a great trip to SC, Nancy! It’s always fun to try new places to eat and have a few drinks!!

    Thanks for sharing! xo, K

    1. Hi Karen!
      We did…always do! They are great to visit and I just adore the area. Yep, we decided on our last day that we would try to hit a bunch of restaurants before we ended up at dinner. (we love to eat out and try new places!)
      Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  5. hi nancy, i first learned about mount pleasant sc in a funny way… i live in mount pleasant tn small small town …when we first moved here i googled mount pleasant and came up with this fantastic lake and park,hollered to my daughter you have to come see this we have to go there, she came and read and said mom would take us a long time to drive there it’s in south carolina haha xx

    1. Hey Chris!! Oh my, I have to tell you, that made me laugh out loud!! haha….it is SOOO something I would do and sounds exactly like an exchange between my daughter (or son) and I !! Too funny, love it!
      Have a great weekend friend!!!

    1. I love it! Mt Pleasant is great…and growing! I’d love to live there. No beautiful buildings but you did go for a great and exciting thing! Next time…baby! Yay! :)

  6. I just recently found your blog and am TICKLED PINK with seeing your Charleston visit! The Hubs and I are going down for the first time in Nov for our anniversary and I have taken some pointers from your blog! Can’t wait to go!!
    I live on the Va Peninsula so it is neat to see areas that I recognize in your blog too:) Smiles- Melissa

    1. Hi Melissa! Oh you are near me. :) So happy to “meet” ya!
      Yes, definitely take a look at the 2 Charleston posts (the other is linked in this one) to catch some of the places to visit. Glazed Doughnuts, Graze, Sea Biscuit Cafe are all great! (as are the others I’ve mentioned) There are just so many great places in the area you can’t go wrong!!
      We LOVE it there!
      Hope you have a great time!! and Happy Early Anniversary!! :)

  7. I live in Trinidad- Uruguay- South America, and I have friends who live in MountPleasant, Charleston. So I enjoyed very much this blog, which I usually follow because of your DIY.
    I also invite you to visit BLANCO Y VINTAGE at Facebook.
    Thanks again.


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