Virginia is for Lovers

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For my first post, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about where I live.


Because we have a way catchy slogan, ya know.

Virginia is for Lovers

Why is that, you ask? And what exactly does that mean?

It is said, it was originally going to be “Virginia is for Beach Lovers”, “Virginia is for History Lovers”, or

“Virginia is for Mountain Lovers”….which turned into a simplified
“Virginia is for Lovers”

Not lovers, y’all

Lovers, as in, of all things. Many things. Beaches, history, mountains.

Get it?

But really, in all seriousness, Virginia is rich with history.

And mountains. And beaches.

I live in the best part of Virginia…..Coastal Hampton Roads

I might be a little biased though.

I very much love the ocean. I must live by it.

Forever and always.

Just down the street from our home. There was a storm brewing…

Just down the street from me

Back River…leads into the Chesapeake Bay


Hampton Roads

Which includes the cities of Hampton (um, of course!),
Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, James City, Poquoson, Norfolk, Suffolk,
Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and a few others as well as part of NC.

A large metropolitan area bordered by the Atlantic.

With all 5 branches of the military.

And more water…..

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia…The Fort wall…

So much history to explore and we have explored it! I love history.

Yorktown, the Jamestown Settlement of 1607 & Colonial Williamsburg. ….all just down the road.

Rich with history, indeed.

York River in Yorktown, Virginia….sun setting on the sails…

York River, Yorktown

And seafood.

Oh my, how could I forget that??? Fresh seafood.


No, no, no, not him. He’s too little. About the size of a quarter. Cute little bugger…


Lots of great photo ops too……

Hampton, Virginia

Did I mention the Outer Banks of NC are just a couple of hours South?
Ok, so that’s not technically part of Virginia but some of it is considered part of Hampton Roads.

Outer Banks, NC


So you know we have beaches (of course, right?) and a ton of history.

But no mountains here.

Drive to the other side of Virginia and you will find those.


These are just a few of the things I love about living here!

What are some of your favorite things about where you live?



  1. Hi Nancy, I just stumbled onto your blog and noticed your “east coast girl” comment which, as an east coaster myself got me curious. This post made my day! My hometown is in Hampton Roads and I love everything about it that you listed here! The history, waterfront and photo-ops, Virginia has it all. I’m your newest follower and love seeing reminders of home. Best,-Meg,

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I just caught sight of the snap of Ft Monroe and recignized it instantly. Oh what a blast from my past! I once worked there (and Langley, and Ft Eustis, and Norfolk Naval Base – civil service, I was born in Hampton.) My family still all live in the area. I graduated from HHS and TNCC. I’m sure you know where they are. I currently live in No Ft Myers, Fla, and I haven’t been “home” in over three years. So nice to be in touch with a home-town girl. Check me out on Facebook.

    1. Oh yes!! How neat Michele! :) So happy to “meet” someone from here. And yes, I surely know Hampton HS and TNCC. I went to TNCC for a couple years, many years ago! Ft Myers is a beautiful place to live! Love that area of Florida. Hope you have a blessed week! xoxo

  3. Fun First Post! It inspires to me make sure I share about where I live early in m blog adventure! Thanks, Nancy, and, again.. Congrats! You have come a long way, girlie!

    1. Oh yes, do! I think people really enjoying finding out about you. Although, at this point, this post was buried! ;) And I really need to update my “about me” page. I haven’t touched it in 5 years! xo

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