Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Part 1 of 3)

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Y’all…..can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? I know, it’s only Halloween and let’s have Thanksgiving first, right?
But I have to be honest, once Halloween has passed, I’m all in for Christmas!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I really do. The music, the festivities, the meaning…just every single bit.
AND I love decorating for the holidays.

What fun is that? So much fun!

So I’ve teamed up with At Home to bring you some gorgeous holiday ideas and Christmas trees too.
I’ll be decorating and sharing one space, three ways featuring decor from At Home.
Three very different holiday decor ideas from their extensive (and I do mean extensive) selection of holiday decor.

    • At Home is the perfect Christmas decor-shopping destination for holiday merchandise at everyday low prices.
    • At Home offers a complete holiday solution for every home and an unmatched assortment of indoor and outdoor decor items for Christmas.
    • At Home features all Christmas decor items (from dining to ornaments) in fifteen decorative themes. (and I love them all!)
    • At Home offers 101 Varieties of artificial Christmas Trees.

It truly is the one-stop-shop for customers to design their whole house – every single room.

Just take a look at what I saw upon entering the store……

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Tree for Me Lot - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

The “Tree for Me” lot with trees galore.
A literal lot….I loved it. :)

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Love the huge tree selection - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

At Home offers 101 Varieties of Christmas Trees plus the At Home tree lot covers an acre of fun with over 100 trees.
At Home has a large in-store tree selection to come touch and feel, the widest range of trees from classic to colors, to technology trees.
I don’t know about you but I’m a touchy feel-y kinda tree girl. ;) I loved being able to come in to see and feel these in person.
AND…each tree is curated because of a unique feature and every tree in the store (with the exception of 1) is exclusive to At Home!
How cool is that?

At Home also has isles and isles of At Home Christmas decor in these fabulous themes:

Seas & Greetings

Holiday Hoedown

Lavish and Luxe

Peppermint Jazz

Berry Platinum

Forest Fairy Tales

Crystal Chateau

Cherished Memories

Heaven and Earth

Midnight Plume

Regal Renaissance

Snowcapped Scene

Handcrafted from Around the World

Dem Darlings

Gorgeous themes, let me tell you. Overwhelming in a really good way!

It was tough choosing which theme to go with to create my first vignette but I (of course) was naturally drawn to “Seas & Greetings“.

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Seas and Greetings Isle - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Those colors…..

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Seas & Greetings - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Driftwood angel wings. All of it, right on up my alley!

But look….

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Berry Platinum Ornaments - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

I was easily distracted by all of the other pretty. ;) I spent a really long time in the store in this holiday section.
My husband was with me (he took the photos of me) and finally left to explore the rest of the store. ;)
Poor fella but he found other things to buy so he left happy too.

These are the from the “Berry Platinum” Collection.

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Berry Platinum Tree - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Aren’t they pretty?

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Crystal Chateau - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Heaven & Earth” collection…..

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Heaven & Earth - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad


Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Heaven & Earth Theme - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

So much to love.

And fun letter ornaments to play around with too.

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Fun with Letter Ornaments - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

A C R … get it? ;)  That was my husband’s handiwork, by the way.
He’s so cute.

Are you ready to see what I ended up with and what I created with all of this lovely?

This…. (and yep, the dining room is seeing changes too!)

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) neutral decor - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

The first vignette I created in my dining room was with a mix of themes but mostly from the “Seas & Greetings” collection.
I kept it all very neutral as I did with my Fall decor this year.

I LOVE it.

And I LOVE this Santa from the “Snowcapped Scene” collection…..

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Snowcapped Scene - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Love, love, love. 
I have nicknamed him “Sassy Santa” because he’s a bit pose-able and I put that arm right up on his hip. ;)
I actually did it in the store while I was checking him out. It was a done deal after that!

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Sassy Santa - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Sassy Santa, I love you!

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) I love this Santa - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

But really, is he not just beautiful??
Yes, yes he is.

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Seas & Greetings trees - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

These roped Christmas trees go perfectly with my home and coastal decor.
I added a pretty mercury glass ornament to the base for a bit of shimmer and sparkle.
(it’s from the “Berry Platinum” collection)

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Neutral Holiday decor - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

The “chalkboard” is from the “Peppermint Jazz” collection.
Aren’t these theme names just fun?

Such a cute saying. ;)
Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Peppermint Jazz - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Yep, that’s right!

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Seas & Greetings greenery - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

I decided to add a bit of greenery to the center of the vignette with this pretty piece.
(it’s from the “Seas & Greetings” collection)

And a little mercury glass/white painted candle holder from the “Snowcapped Scene” collection.

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Votive Snowcapped Scene - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Nice little touch.

Holiday Decor Ideas with At Home (Pt 1 of 3) Various themes created neutral decor - #AtHomeforChristmas #AtHomeFinds #ad

Beautiful simplicity with a few nautical touches, neutral colors and natural elements….and a chalkboard, of course. ;)

I’ll be decorating with and sharing two more holiday vignettes with you in a couple weeks using the other themes.
Since there are so many I really wanted to share a few more ideas with you guys.
I’m so looking forward to sharing more with you.

So….which At Home Christmas decorative theme would you choose? Do you know?
Are you like me and love them all?

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  1. I must be on the planet Zino, haha. I am not familiar with this incredible store and can’t wait to visit. I love your Sassy Santa. I have to plan to put aside a few hours/days to go there, (an hour and a half away). I can’t wait for part two.

    1. Hi Eileen!
      I love, love that fella!! :) Really, he is my favorite so far! The store is a winter wonderland (besides just being huge with other home products!).
      I am excited to share the rest!! This is one of the most fun projects I’ve done!

  2. I’m like you Nancy I love Christmas, love that store as well! It looks so pretty your, vignette, and I love Santa, he’s something I would buy as well. I’m thinking softer tones hopeful this year as well ! Can’t wait for part 2!

    1. Hi Sandra!
      Oh yes to the softer tones! I did turquoise/aqua and red throughout last year and loved it! But I’m ready for some softer, soothing shades this go round!

  3. Several comments to say today. First, may I tell you how beautiful you are?!! Simply gorgeous! Next, I have never heard of this store. Good grief! How could that be? Talk about getting into trouble. I could sure do that. And, last, I wouldn’t know where to begin at making a selection. I am completely overwhelmed by the choices. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Aw thank you so much Linda! :) So very kind of you to say!
      And oh my, yes to that!! (getting in trouble ;) ) This store is huge (besides the winter wonderland!) and has tons of home products, etc.
      The selection was tough and why I decided to do several vignettes with completely different “themes” so I could showcase a bit of all of them!
      I can’t wait to share the rest here!

  4. I’ve never heard of this store and sure would like to visit one. I love the vignette that you created for your dinging room. And that sassy Santa is just too much! Love him!

    1. This might be my favorite new store! It’s huge and has so many great things for the home.
      Sassy Santa is my favorite of all. I can’t wait to share more!

    1. Thanks Mary Beth! It really is an amazing store. So much to see!
      I hope you find one near you! So happy to have one near me! ;)

    1. Oh no! :( I am sad about that!!! It’s a really wonderful store.
      And I did see that they don’t have online shopping. They get things in…and then they are gone!
      But the things they have are wonderful. I’m so sorry there is not one closer to you Carol!

  5. What a great store and I just love all those lovely Christmas decorations. I am falling for the gold decor this year and just love those beautiful trees.

  6. Oh my! I could have been there all day. So many choices, designs and styles to chose from. Of course I love your style and your vignette. You Sassy Santa is a great piece for any style.
    Thanks for sharing. I had fun looking through all the pictures. The SCR was VERY cute!

  7. I am all about that pink Christmas tree!Pink makes me happy and I don’t care if it’s not a seasonal color! ;) It is tall but not so full, and the color is gorgeous!! I have moved to a smaller place, and wonder how my huge regular Christmas tree will fit. I don’t think we have this store in California.

    1. Hi Sandra!
      Oh yes, pink is fun! :) And that’s a bummer you don’t have this store near you. It’s a really great one with much more than just holiday decor.
      You can make that tree fit…it’s only up for a short time, right! ;)

  8. Wow, Nancy! What an amazing store! I would so love to have one near me! Lucky you! Everything you picked is absolutely gorgeous… but I don’t know how you chose! I would have been overwhelmed with the selections available! But one thing I do know, I LOVE your Sassy Santa! I would LOVE to have him! He’s just perfect!

    Nice job! xo

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