Christmas Home Tour 2014 – pt 1 (Home for the Holidays Tour)

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I’m so excited to be sharing the first part of my Christmas Home Tour with you guys today! 

I’m sharing along with a bunch of my friends who are also a part of the “Home for the Holidays” tour.
There are 25 bloggers opening up their homes and sharing them with you this week.

As with everything in my home and on my blog, it’s all been done on a major budget with thrifty finds and the like.

Today I thought I’d share my Foyer and Study for part one since that is the first thing people see when they enter my home.
I’ll be sharing the rest of my home next week so be sure to check back. (see part 2 here and part 3 here)

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Foyer entry - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

I am just loving my new (old, but new to me) entry table (it’s really a desk).
You can read all about that project here – Old, Carved Desk Transformed with Chalk Paint.

I never even intended on keeping it, much less using it right here in my entry.
But I LOVE it here. 
It’s a nice change anyway. :)
I may go back to my other table at some point but for now I’m really enjoying this.

I told you guys about the Chalk Pen Chalk Art a few days ago. 
Super simple and great way to incorporate signs, sayings and greetings in your home.
Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Chalk Art - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

I made the “snowballs” a few years ago.
The basket came from the thrift store and I filled it with the snowballs, painted pine cones, jingle bells from the Dollar Store and sparkly snowflakes.

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red- Christmas Home Tour - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

And added a touch of greenery leftover from our tree.

The glittery trees were from last year and I used them on my mantel then. 
You can see them in my Holiday Home Tour here.

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Trees - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

I somehow managed to use almost everything in a completely different way this year. 

This shiny little ornament dish came from the thrift store this year.

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Thrifty Ornament Candy Dish - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

It’s perfect for holding mints or candy for guests to grab on their way in. :)

I used this little hand towel in the guest bath last year.

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Let it Snow - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

Let it snow….on Christmas Day only, please. ;)

This Snowflake Wall Hanging I made a few years ago.
Yes, I do always use this in this same spot. 
I can never find a place I like it better.

So here it stays.

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Snowflakes - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

So loving the Teal & Red theme I decided to use throughout the entire house this year. (even the front porch)

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red- entry - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

Perfect for my new little entry table that I painted teal and red too. Not on purpose or with the thought I’d be using it here for the holidays.
But things work out so lovely like that sometimes. :)

I had to put a bit of bling on my light fixture too. 

Christmas Home Tour - Budget Decor - Light Bling - #holidaydecor #Christmas

Isn’t it pretty?

But look what else…

Christmas Home Tour - Budget Decor - Light Bling and a spider - #holidaydecor #Christmas

Ack…yes, I was standing right underneath…multiple times. Eek.
Wrong holiday!! Halloween is past…go away little fella!!

Last one of the foyer….looking from the kitchen.

Christmas Home Tour - Budget Decor - Foyer - #holidaydecor #Christmas

Looking just to the left of my foyer, you see this….

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 - Aubusson Blue Dresser - #Christmastour #hometour #chalkpaint #aubussonblue #holidays #holidaydecor #artsychicksrule

That gorgeous blue! Sigh.
I just love this old dresser…painted in Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint®.
You can read all about it here, “Aubusson Blue, Dresser Re-Do“. 
And you can read about the handle I made here, “Missing Hardware, Here’s a Fix” (one was missing so I made one! Can you guess which one?)

And then if you look just to the left of the dresser…..

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 - Aubusson Blue Dresser and Lexi - #Christmastour #hometour #aubussonblue #holidays #holidaydecor #artsychicksrule

You’ll see my dining room…and my girl Lexi who is always getting in my shots. I spent hours today with my tripod all over the house. 
She wanted to be in whichever room I was in so she followed along.
Love that…until she walks into a shot. ;)
Which she did quite a lot which you’ll see next week!
I saved them and decided to share them (and her) along with my tour.

And here she again is in this shot below. 
She decided she wanted to lay in the sun.

Do you remember last year I wouldn’t show you this whole room because we were building a bookcase?
Well, we are still building it. And building it
The never ending project. ;)
But we are making real headway now and I thought it only fair to go ahead and share it with you.
(don’t mind the old wall color…it will be covered)
I’ve got the top stained  there and my husband has most of the shelves built and just about ready to go up.
The rest will be white.  And yes, I’ve been looking at that for over a year now!! 

And all I can say is yay!!! (no I mean YAYeewooooweeee!!! I’m ready for this mess to be done and gone!)

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 - DIY Bookcase in the works - #Christmastour #hometour #aubussonblue #holidays #holidaydecor #artsychicksrule

So back to the simple holiday decor in this room….

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 - Study Wall Hanging - #Christmastour #hometour #holidays #holidaydecor #artsychicksrule

The little hanging came from the thrift store for last year’s decor. But I forgot I bought it. 
So I used it over the mirror this year.

The starfish dish usually resides in the guest bath but I put my “Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Antique Mirror” there instead.
So I moved the dish here and hung a red ornament over it.

Simple! (and budget friendly)

That’s it for part one. :)

Home for the Holidays - Christmas Home Tour Part 1 - #holidaydecor #christmashometour #Christmasdecor #artsychicksrule

Visit my friends below! Tons of Holiday and Christmas inspiration to be seen! 

(and don’t forget to grab a candy cane from Mr. Frosty on your way out! ;) )

Festive Holiday Foyer - Teal and Red - Candy Canes - #holidayhome #holiday #foyer #decor #Christmas #holidaydecor

Be sure to check back next week to see the rest of my “Teal & Red” themed Christmas decor, home tour, on a budget. 
(part 2 (kitchen and dining rooms) is here and part 3 (family room, laundry & bath) is here)

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  1. The banner ads on the bottom of the pictures is annoying and detracts from what you are trying to show me. I didn’t stick around.

    1. Hi Fonda,
      I’m truly sorry they are distracting to you but unfortunately they (and other ads here) are a necessity of running a blog. It takes a lot of work and there is quite a bit of cost involved with keeping a blog up and running. And no matter how much I love to do it (I do), it can’t be done without income coming in, in return, to offset those costs, time involved, etc. You can click to remove the ads that appear on the photos if they are bothersome. They do not appear on all photos, only a couple.
      As always, thanks for visiting, and I hope you understand!

  2. Hi Sweet Nancy! What a beautiful tour! So bright and pretty! My heart is stolen though, your darling Lexi looks just like our Polly, we miss her! She’s so beautiful and loves being with her Mama! ;) thank-you so much for the awesome tour, I’ll for sure be back next week, I love that colour combo! xoxo

    1. Thank you Laurie! :)
      Aw yes, our Lexi is 11-1/2 now. It is hard to think of her coming the end part of her life! She is my sweet baby dog child. :)
      I am sure you understand!

  3. Love your touches of holiday bling! Projects….we all do them….but they do take allot of time don’t they. I have many unfinished projects around here too.Maybe 2015 will be the year I finish them….LOL ;-)

  4. Oh, Nancy! Your house is looking SO wonderful! I, too, love the teal and red! Not colors together one usually thinks of for Christmas decorations, but I just love it! All the beautiful touches you have made look so great! Can’t wait to see the rest! xo

    1. Thanks so much Karen! :) I’m enjoying the splashes of red so much I’m thinking of adding a tiny bit here and there after the holidays. We’ll see! ;)

  5. I love, love, love the little round entry table. Actually, I love all your furniture and your home. Just beautiful!

  6. Merry Christmas Nancy!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home all so festive for the Holidays! I really, really love the teal and red coastal theme!! Its a favorite of mine also! Your blue Aubusson dresser is such a perfect statement piece…. love it! The new table you added to your foyer is so cute too! So happy that I was able to visit! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous, Creative and “Christmasy”! Your home is a jaw dropper and your decorating style is just perfect, not over the top nor lacking. Love your entry table. I had that table’s sister for about 15 years and never used it. Last year, I sold it for CHEAP…way too cheap! All I have done since I sold it is find places around my home where I wantt to use it. Don’t give rid of it!

  8. Nancy I am SO loving your whole foyer with that carved desk! And your Aubusson dresser… swoon! Everything is gorgeous but I tend to always notice the fabulous furniture first. ;) And your new shelves… so funny! I’ve had wallpaper and backsplash picked out for several months but I can’t pull the trigger so they’re all cluttering up my dining area for now- guess I’ll have to find a place to stash it before we host Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to you! :)

    1. Thanks Jen! :) You are like me! Furniture is always the eye catcher.
      OH yes, stashing things, sometimes you just have to! My house is my workplace so it’s tough sometimes to do!
      Merry Christmas to you! xo

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