Bright & Bold Furniture Makeover (Chalk Paint®)

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Last week, on Tuesday,  I mentioned a fun furniture makeover I was going to be sharing with you all……a “bright & bold” one.

Well, here she is:

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed With Lamp - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose        

PLEASE (please, pretty please) pay no attention to the floor. This is on my screened back porch and it is in NEED of a makeover.
(that is an understatement)
I have plans to either paint it or tile it. (painting would be SO much easier…can you guess which way I’m leaning?)

I actually sponge rolled/painted it with a tan shade when we moved in. This would be the 10 year remains of that. Yeah.
The people who owned the home before us had placed little square outdoor carpet tiles here that I didn’t like.

I pulled them up but they left marks on the cement that I didn’t feel like dealing with on top of everything else that needed to be done in the house (have you seen some of the “before” photos?)…so I sponge rolled it to camouflage it.

Yea….I know. Not so fabulous. But, hey, it did hide the imperfections for a bit.
Now I’m ready to tackle it again, all fresh and new.

Sorry, got off track. You should talk to me in person! I’m here and there and all over the place. ;)
At least it’s entertaining…probably not so much.

Anyway, I have no photos of this piece “before”. I painted it long before I started my blog.

But it is bright and bold! And in the direction I was headed with my screened in porch at the time.
I’ve changed my mind since then so I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with this piece.
Again, I’ve sidetracked.

Okay…so it’s sort of an odd piece, right? Yes, it is.

I know it is because it’s made from 2 totally “don’t go together” pieces…that I put together!

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Front Styled - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

The mirror actually goes with this Aubusson Blue Chalk Painted dresser.

The base was picked up at the thrift store…as is. Well, not painted, but just the one side.
Weird, huh?

I painted the mirror with Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint®. The “table” top got Antibes Green Chalk Paint®.
The black base was spray painted.

Then I attached the two together! It’s great for serving food, etc.
I found furniture for my porch 2 summers ago at a garage sale and removed the table I had out here.
So a place to put all the food is perfect.

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Coastal Styling - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Old Mirror to Chalkboard - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Side View - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

I sealed it with Annie Sloan clear and dark waxes.

Distressed it all a bit….

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Distressed details - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Up Close Bottom - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

It’s been on my porch for about 2 years, or so, and has held up fabulously.

So I’m guessing you noticed I turned the mirror into a chalkboard. ;)
I did and I used Graphite Chalk Paint® for that.

When we have guests for dinner, I will usually write the menu of what we are having or even just fun sayings on there.

I thought this one would be fun to do..since it’s April. And almost May.
I am so ready for flowers!

April Showers Sign

(you can download this for personal use here)

I created it and printed it out and then drew it by hand onto the chalkboard. I could have pulled out the projector to do this but I was lazy.
It was upstairs…and I wasn’t. So by hand it was.

It’s not terrible but using the projector would have been neater. But it’s a chalkboard so is supposed to be messy. ;)

Bright and Bold Furniture - Writing - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

Last one…

Bright and Bold Furniture - Pieces Repurposed Finished Front - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

A few close ups of the “stuff”….

Bright and Bold Furniture - Coastal Styling Decor - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

Bright and Bold Furniture - Coastal Decor - #chalkpaint #antibesgreen #scandinavianpink #repurpose

Can’t get much more bold than this. Well you could but I’d say these are fairly bright colors. ;)

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. I am loving that green and black together! And what a great find! :)
    Christy@Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer recently posted…$5 Yard Sale Chair MakeoverMy Profile

    • Thanks Christy! I love the contrast of the 2 also! I was going for COLORFUL tropical out there 2 years ago but I’ve softened things up a bit since then! ;)

  2. I like that you did bold colors and the pieces look great! Looks like you are ready for BBQ season!
    Darrielle Tennenbaum recently posted…Another Lucketts Green Chippy DresserMy Profile

  3. Love all the projects. Since you used just one end of a dining table, is your table attached to the wall? I couldn’t figure out if it was standing with just those 3 legs.

    • Thanks Tara,
      It is just standing on those 3 legs, yes. BUT with the mirror attached it must be against a wall like shown. By itself, it actually stood without a problem.

  4. cut a dining room table in half?! Genius, Nancy! What a perfect place to put out a spread! Love the color combo and of course, your amazing paint tips.
    cheers to you friend
    Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio recently posted…a bright bold happy furniture makeover plus a partyMy Profile

    • I know, crazy, right? I am not sure how just that one half the table came to be at the thrift store but there it was! lol And I brought it home!! ;)

  5. Great job Nancy! I love that bright green!

  6. Oh Nancy, I love the green and the black base works with the top perfectly. I actually have a project I’m working where 2 parts came together like yours! I have to admit the bar sign caught my eye :-)
    Kathy, Petticoat Junktion recently posted…Two Layer Green & Turquoise Furniture FinishMy Profile

    • Thanks Kathy! I love the contrast of those 2 colors too. :) Haha…I didn’t paint that one but it’s a favorite…the bar is always open here! ;)

  7. I love Antibes and can’t wait to try it someday! Your setup is definitely bright and SO creative!
    Jen @ Girl in the Garage recently posted…Bright White and Yellow Waterfall Vanity {Themed Furniture Makeover Day}My Profile

  8. What a fun piece for your porch! The two colors together are so cheerful and I love the chalkboard for writing quotes or menus. I also need to update the floor on our porch. Mine has carpet that is way past its prime.
    Paula@SweetPea recently posted…Garden Bench MakeoverMy Profile

    • Thanks Paula!
      I know…I can’t quite decide what I want to do with the floor! I’ve gone back and forth (and over and over). ;) I thinking painting to look like tiles..or maybe a pretty stencil.

  9. I really want to sprinkle some color in my booth at the shop and your post is so inspiring!
    Hoping to find some great treasures out junkin’ this weekend to makeover!

  10. The best part is “Bar Open.” Duh. And you realize I wouldn’t have given the floor a second look if you hadn’t pointed it out to me. :D

    Love your colorful springy makeover!

    Andi recently posted…yes sir, that’s my toilet…no sir, i didn’t soil itMy Profile

    • Hahaha! Yep! And…of course, that figures!lol But still, I really thought it needed a disclaimer, just in case! :)

  11. I love all your colorful furniture! Very happy :)
    Debbie recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift IdeasMy Profile


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